Sports Champions 2 – PS3 – cheat codes, guides


ˇ Full! And poses

Accumulate 20 plenary in bowling

The semiprimen usually happens

In bowling, he gets a two -pine semi -enemy

Pino friend

Complete a bowling game

You are made of iron

Win a boxing fight from a player without being demolished only once (silver or greater)


Launches a 6 -stroke in boxing


Complete a boxing fight

Network points

In tennis, he wins 10 points on the network in a single match

Double the same

Win a tennis game after being the same twice

They took you out

Brand 2 ACES in a single tennis match


Complete a tennis game

Direct shooter

Win a archery game in silver (or older) difficulty without erring a single shot

Aerobic arrow

Lasts 2 minutes in a archery game in challenge mode

Aerodynamic arrow

Break 3 arrows in a single archery game


Complete a archery game

I saw what you did there

During a race, make another skier crash

Frost and bursts

Go to another skier after putting yourself in impulse position for at least 5 seconds


Complete a skiing race

Barking mad

Land successfully after a jump with two back and two turns back

To Green

In golf, hit the ball from the tee and make him reach Green


Complete a golf round with 4 players

What is that putt?

In golf, it achieves a putt of more than 40 feet

TEE time

Complete a golf game

Lesson learned

Complete a training session at any sport

ˇ Fiesta Monster!

Complete more than a team game list


Use 2 or more champions created in a multiplayer game

With style

Customize a clothing for your champion in the 6 sports

Avant -garde fashion

Equip your champion with an unlockable element

The Challenger

Win at least 2 stars in each bronze cup challenge mode

Star destination

Get 25 stars at stake for the cup

Player with greater progress

Improve your score in a game for the previously completed cup


All heart

Win a single player boxing fight after being shot down (silver or older)


In bowling, get more than 200 points in a game (silver or greater)

Add points

Get 500.000 points in the game for the cup with a single champion profile

Golf cart race

Win a golf game at each free location


Get 100 stars at stake for the cup


Complete the Boxing Gold Cup

ˇRey Pino!

Complete the Bowling Gold Cup

ˇ We are a bit!

Complete the Tennis Gold Cup

laughs loudly!

Complete the Arch Gold Cup

ˇ Everything downhill!

Complete the Ski Gold Cup

To the stick

Complete the Golf Gold Cup


Sports Champions champion

Complete the Gold Cup in the 6 Sports


Get 250 stars at play for the cup


Mr. Z

Get the rest of the game trophies

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