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Epilogue / Epilogue Guide

Make Zoom Out in the Cajaota the view to a small and gold switch in the back of the table.Activate the switch to open the compartment.Make zoom out broken the row of symbols in the back and zoom on the leg of the right table.Activate the downward switch.Zoom out activates the monoculum finds on the table some handprints.Zoom in them.I know the center of the hand until everything is aligned and an outgoing stands out.Disable the monoculohaz zoom in the circular panel that has excelled until you find a switch.Activate it to the right and open a minicajón.

Take the gear that has come out and do zoom out.

Broken and go to the compartment you opened before, at first. Place the gear by dragging it to the lower triangle. You already have half mechanism. Touch the right switch to drive a mechanism.

The game takes you to a series of new mechanisms that you have activated.

Drag the sliding mechanism through the different rails until all gears. When they are blue, two switches will appear, which you must press without stopping all symbols to be blue. Use the medium raíl to be able to turn around the blue medium icons reactivating. A switch will appear finally, which you must activate downwards.

A new outgoing will appear with a blue orb that you must take and take to inventory. Then, in the inventory, move to its upper part and find a new puzzle. You have to drag the rotating layer until you reach a small circle that should be in the center. Then, you can open the orb and activate a mechanism. Take the gear and salt from the inventory.

Go back to the compartment you opened at the beginning of everything and place the gear in the upper mechanism. Activate the mechanism by clicking the right button and a drawer will appear. Open the drawer and you will find a “peculiar key”. Take it.

Go to the row of symbols before, which now has three markers:

Drag the one who has a point a right to the right.Drag the two points seven spaces to the left (third on the left).Drag the three points ten spaces on the left (second on the left).

A coin will appear in a new drawer. Take it.

Go to the central box and break the view towards a star -shaped lock. Enter the peculiar key into the lock, turning it right to discover a new switch. Pulse it down, something will appear. Return to the lock and this time turns the key to the left.

Go back to the window you had opened when you press the switch. Now it will be open. Take the key at the top.

Go back to the peculiar key and gy it right back. Deactivate the switch, giving it up. The key turns back. Go back to the compartment that you had opened and takes the metal plate in the lower space, which is now open.

Go to the octagonal emblem of the back of the table and place the metal plate there. Turn left and a little piano will appear.

Experiment with the piano cheat codes, to see which ones make the spring move, and when you discover it, they all prescribe them all at the same time. A slot will appear where you must put the currency. Then a repetition game will start. The machine will play a melody and you will have to repeat it. If you fail, touch the coin again. Keep in mind that you will also use the black cheat codes and that it is difficult to see how they are pressed. After three minijuegos, two metal mangoes will appear that you must take.

Go to the golden panel in the central box. Enter the square key into the key hollow. GIERALA ON THE RIGHT. Return to the previous key, the peculiar way, and turn it to the right. Returns to the previous key, the square shape. A symbol will have appeared.

Broken the symbol panel until the one with four legs appears. Go back to the peculiar key, gy it this time to the left, and back to the square key and the symbol where we were. Turn the symbols panel until the one with four tentacles appears, one towards each corner. Some parts will move.

Go back to the peculiar key, and this time leave it in the position towards Ariba. Go back to the square key. Two gold switches will have appeared. Poul them at the same time and a new drawer will appear.

Go to the numbers panel on the side of the box. Enter 573. A table will appear on the X -shaped holes. Put the metal handles there in the inventory.

Activate the monocle to see what is inside. Broken the metal handles so that the Rote panel, turning to the other side to place the pieces in the holes you leave. With the monocle you can see where the holes are, and thus rotate them. The cube will open and an eye color gem will appear. When you take it, new tables will open.

Introduce the red gem into the circular panel that was already on the table, where there are three other gems holes.

Go to the gems panel that has appeared, and drag the colored gmeas one by one to the open part, in order to take them. It is a puzzle minigame where you will end up taking the three missing gems

Enter the missing gems in the panel where you put the red. The blue in its place put, the green to the right and the yellow to the left. Nothing will happen.

Go to the circular window that had opened, zoom and use the monocle. You will see a strange shape, and the box will open finally. Slide the blue icon to the center of the box, giving the central button to turn the maze, and thus move forward to the blue icon in the middle. Will shine with blue light.

Use the monocle and see the scene from the horizon. Turn until the medium symbol coincides with the wall symbol. Something will happen and a new blue ball will appear that you will have to take to its destination using the same labyrinth procedure. The blue center will shine again, reuse the monocle and the horizon and break the central circle to form the symbol.

ˇInhorabuena, you’ve finished the game!

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