Sniper Elite III – PS3 – cheat codes, guides

Platinum trophy Get all trophies to get the title of the best sniper in the world.


A true sniper Complete the game in authentic difficulty.

Delivered soldier Complete 100% of the campaign in any difficulty.


A complex experience Complete the game in the difficulty sniper elite.

Officer wood Reaches the subtenient range (level 31).

Librarian Find all war diaries.

Regular soldier Complete the game in the difficulty shooting.

Instinct to nest Find all snipers.

Shot in the dark Complete all remote shots.

Nothing is optional Complete all optional objectives.

Touch recharge Complete the game in cadet difficulty.

Collector Find all collectible letters.

Franco’s with colleagues Complete the campaign in cooperative.


Tobruk ghost Complete the mountain passage without alerting the enemy (Mission 1).

Swa to that bullet Make the death of the target officer seem an accident (Mission 5).

Touch twice Incapacita 2 vehicles in Kasserine’s passage in less than 5 seconds (Mission 6).

Three birds of a stony Destroy the 3 pump deposits at the same time (Mission 7).

A good fall He pulls an enemy of one of the bridges (Mission 8).I thought it was going to be fortmidably difficult to the informant without seeing you (Mission 4).

It wasn’t one day flower Reaches the range of sergeant (level 11).

Occasional reader Find half of the war newspapers.

Through the mirror Kill 10 snipers before they see you.

Hidden and dangerous Complete a mission of the campaign without seeing you (except in Tobruk).

Competitive streak Play 10 competitive games in the multiplayer.

End of the line Find and kill the visit general (Mission 3).

Ode to Rube Goldberg Get 20 deaths from explosive chain reactions.

A bit of everything Play 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive multiplayer).

Marked Brand 100 enemies or vehicles.

ADVANTAGE: Sniper Get 30 deaths from snipe nests.This is my rifle .. Customize 1 rifle.

Make them explode Kill 20 enemies shooting explosives.

Prepared for everything Create and save 4 teams.

On going Relocate 100 times.

Some of my favorite things Get a death with each attack object.

Pest control Complete Mission 8

Tactical distraction It distracts 20 enemies with flint or rocks.

Demolition man Complete Mission 7

Your wait… Kill 10 enemies with detonations started with Pedernal.

Tiger and ratte Complete mission 6

Double away Shoot the enemies from a total distance that is twice a marathon.

Just in time Complete Mission 5

Saving oxygen Hold your breath for an hour.

There is no refuge Complete mission 4

Valgo for everything Complete all challenge missions.Through fire .. Complete Mission 3

Awarded Get 1 gallon of each type in the competitive multiplayer.

Reading at midnight Complete mission 2Indestructible Complete a mission after having lost more than 500 health units.

Galloping from Gazala Complete mission 1

Charlie’s challenge Get a shot to the testicles from a distance greater than 100 m.

Wow, go Hide a body in each of Gaberoun’s wells (Mission 2).

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