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Pou’s rooms

For Pou to grow and be happy it is necessary to keep it fed and happy. In the different rooms we can feed him, make him sleep, clean and heal him. With the mini -games we will get coins.

Bedroom: This is where pou sleeps. To make sleep only we have to turn off the lamp light. In the closet we can find your configuration options.Lounge: We can interact with pou, and open the door to play outside.Kitchen: We can feed Pou when I am hungry and add new food to the fridge.Laboratory: This is where we clean Pou and we can use potions to achieve several effects, and also heal him when he is sick.Games’ room: We can play with Pou throwing balls and other objects, and playing mini -games to win coins.


With Pou’s minijuegos we can win coins that we will use to unlock objects or buy food. There are the following miniguegos, which we describe for difficulty and ability to gain coins:

Food drop : We have to move Pou with the finger from side to side, causing the food that falls to be put in the mouth. We have to avoid what is not food or we will lose. We will get more coins the longer we endure. Difficulty: Half . Reward: Little .

Sky Jump : A game in which we must make Pou jump in the style of the Doodle Jump, platform on platform, tilting the mobile or tablet and taking the coins and taking the coins. Difficulty: high . Reward: Little .

Cliff Jump : A game in which Pou goes on a skateboard and we have to press the screen to jump. The problem is that there are impossible leaps. Difficulty: Very high . Reward: Little .

Match color : We have to move the different rows from left to right and from top to bottom to get three pou of the same color. The pou who carry currencies give us coins, and more and more rewards if we endure more time. Difficulty: Affordable, depending on how well it is given . Reward: Half .

Match Tap : We have to touch the groups of three or more pous that we see together. We play against time, and when we fail time it will run faster. Difficulty: Easy . Reward: A lot .

Tap color : Touch the Pous until everyone is the same color. It is an easy game, but in which the fast time ends. The trick is to look for the color with less pous and change the color of those. Difficulty: Easy . Reward: Half .

Sad Tap : It consists of touching the pous that does not have a cheerful face. It is a game that requires some concentration, since some are turned. Difficulty: Half . Reward: Half .

Pou Popper : A “PouficaciĆ³n” of the classic bobble puzzle in which we have to exceed the levels eliminating all the single color pou firing them before. Difficulty: Half . Reward: Half .

Free Fall : A simple game in which we have to prevent Pou shocks while vacuuming, taking coins. Difficulty: Easy . Reward: Half .

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