Risk cheats – ps4 – cheat codes, guides


ADVANCE Conquest 7 territories or more in a shift.COMMANDING Ascends to the League of Generals.People’s hero Win the General League.In streak Win 3 games in a row.We keep ours Win a game losing 3 territories or less.

Official Club Ascends to the Colonels League.

Excessive force It attacks 100 territories with at least twice the troops as the defender.

We will defend this Reaches turn 4 without losing territories.

With a morning and strength Spend 5 stars on troops at once.

FRONT Wins a game in which in the order you were the last.

Stands out among the people Complete a game with at least 2 local human players.

BROTHERS BAND Ascends to the Commanders League.

PERFECT! Captures a territory without suffering casualties.

Conclastant Victoria Win a game in 10 shifts or less.

BE THE BEST Attack with 10 troops or more.

MERCILESSLY Expires 50 players.

Choose your battles Reaches turn 5 without losing in any attack.

Shock and dread Displays 20 troops in a shift.

CLEANING Conquer 100 territories that have a single defender.

HEADQUARTERS Controls a continent at the end of the first turn.

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