Cheats Risen 3: Titan Lords – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Lord of the Titans You have achieved all the trophies


Slaughterhouse You have killed 2000 monsters.

Penny pincher You have achieved 300 000 gold.

At last You have completed the incarnate death.


Slaughterer You have killed 500 monsters.

Hoarder You have achieved 100,000 gold.

Perfectionist You have completed 300 missions.

The Liberator You have completed the Missing Weapons Warehouse.

Killer of the shadows You have killed 50 shadow creatures.


Drunk You have completed the cloud mind of drinks.

Conjurer You have learned magic up to 100.

Metaphysical You have learned spirit up to 100.

The seven glorious You have recruited at least 7 members for ship crew.

Globetrotter You have traveled by boat 20 times.

The Guardian You have completed adept to magic.

how cute! You have used the monkey 20 times.

Drinker You have won the Drinking Minigame 10 times.

Artist You have won the launching minigame 10 times.

Perfect thief You have forced 100 locks.

Excavator You have uneasy 10 treasures.

Hard as steel You have learned resistance up to 100.

Musculites You have won the minigame to put a pulse 10 times.

Manipulator You have learned influence up to 100.

Mean You have achieved 1000 gold.

Cunning fox You have learned cunning up to 100.

Technical You have completed the reactor.

Lince eye You have learned remotely up to 100.

Exorcist You have completed Zak’s temptation.

Bandit You have learned melee up to 100.

Healer You have cured for the first time.

Explorer You have completed the missing gnome.

Adventurous You have found the first game treasure.Referee You have completed conflict with the water source.

Treasure hunter You have achieved 10 legendary objects.

Romantic You have completed the blue flower.Angel Your soul is above 90.

Voodoo pirate You have completed the kiss of the dead.

Devil Your soul is below 10.

Demon Hunter You have completed the ancestral alliance.

Rookie You have killed 10 monsters.Magician You have completed the oath ceremony.

Tamer You have completed chaos in Puerto Ciudad.

Charming You have completed cold nights.

Liberated lands You have completed threatening shadows.

Light bearer You have completed green flames.

Vulture You have killed 10 carmen.

I hate spiders You have completed oracle soldiers.

In high sea You have completed let’s get out of here.

High flights You have used the parrot 10 times.

Animal lover You have killed 20 animals in the environment.

Cheatster You have learned skill up to 100.

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