One Piece Cheats: Pirate Warriors 2 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Bronze  ˇ Sit a new adventure!Complete the first episode my skills are… EVOLUTION ANDOREALIZE YOUR FIRST SOCIED ACTION ˇGRATES! I owe you one!Make your first allied blow. The New World begins here onwards!Complete the prologue ˇAhora is my turn!Complete the second chapter ˇrecuado to my captured allies!Complete the third chapter ˇGet my crew!It gathers 10 allies or more “look like good reward!Get all secret currencies in a main episode I will be stronger to consider the first ability ˇMi force has increased!Get 10 skills ˇBien! I have it!Get your first currency there are probably many more of these accounts 100 or more coins ˇDerrochador!Spend 100.000 Belis or more in total in the Beli store as a kind of legendary monster!Defeat 10.000 enemies or more in total with special attacks what? I have failed!Dodge an enemy attack attack ˇDe with me!Complete 5 levels with 5 different characters ˇ have extraordinary power!Complete 5 levels with 10 different characters has many and good allies with 5 levels with 20 different characters you have one thing rare the first secret currency!Get the first skill note ˇTo I want to eat meat!Get 100 giant meats or more an incredible power…!ATURDE 1000 times to the enemy Luffy’s true allies…Defeat 10.000 enemies with the crew blow Silver  the victory is mine!Get the normal end ˇ There is only room for a pirate king!Complete all the scenarios challenge ˇ We are going to adventure together!It gathers 30 or more allies ˇ All the treasures of the world are mine!Get all the secret currencies, I am ready for my first planodes to look at all the videos in the gallery us… We know everything…Unlock everything in the gallery ˇ You can count on me!Get 20 ˇVaya skills! is incredible!Get 250 or more coins ˇtrae thousand more!Defeat a total of more than 100.000 enemies ˇ With this we will have to buy a lot of meat!Spend 100.000.000 BELIS In total ˇThe business is good!Spend 10.000.000 BELIS OR MORE IN THE BELI STORE ˇ I think I will buy the world!Spend 100.000.000 BELIS OR MORE IN THE BELI STORE ˇ I am enthusiastic!Defeat 500 enemies during style action Gold  ˇThe Pirate King is the freer person in the seas!Get the true ending you are all my family…Complete all allied episodes ˇ People’s dreams never die!Complete all episodes at the highest level of difficulty Platinum  ˇAlcanza the top!Get the rest of the game trophies

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