PLANTS VS TRICKS. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – PC – Cheat codes, Guides

Location of secret fish

Find ten collectible objects hidden on stage.

Location of gnomes

54 hidden gnomes that you must find.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Achievement |Description
Crazy Spend your first star.
The boss watches us Reach the maximum xp multiplier on the Misiones Board.
Specialist Ascends to a character for the first time.
From hero to zero Defeat a rival using a pot in pot or a zombot turret.
Change In solo operations, change character.
The mazorca case Enter the Zombi Statistics Room with a plant.
In land of “Gnadie” Enter the Gnomos Chamber.
My favorite z-mech of the citadel Defeat Zombidito Z7 with a plant.
After the enemy viney Enter the plant statistics room with a zombie.
Freshly germinated Complete “exploits tombs”.
In the cob Complete “the darkest branch”.
Your Majesty Complete “Well, that fell apart very quickly”.
Mango tango Complete “Duel”.
Cursion -proof Complete “the curse of crushing captain”.
ˇPuaj! Complete “ˇpuaj!”.
Western Indian lilac Enter infinity with a plant.
The King of Winter Defeat the Blue Gnome King.
THE SECRET OF THE SECRETS Discover the secret area… What will it be?
ˇ This is crazy! ˇ In the mysterious portal and complete a supermezcado event!
Tame the waves Complete 100 waves in operations.
It is my island Reach the head of the chief with the power flag on the patio battlefield.
Zombidimprovisation Apply an appearance of a gun to a zombie weapon.
Do we get balids? Defeat a plant while you are in the form of goat.
The bean problem Complete “the bean problem”.
Gold achieved Complete “Gold Fever”.
Tour of space-time Complete “vacation to Steve”.
What a trip Complete “Fuerte Café”.
What is the trap? Train with the mysterious fish.
String theory Enter infinity with a zombie.
THE KING OF SUMMER Defeat the yellow gnome king.
The king of spring Defeat the Green Gnome King.
The King of Auto Defeat the red gnome king.
RGBY ˇ Gnomus, King Gnomo!
It is not a door. ˇ It is a portal! Complete 3 games of the mysterious portal
Somewhere Over the Rainbow Gathers 25 rainbow stars of the mysterious portal
You are not my boss Defeat 3 Superoleadas de Chiefs in Operations.
Hawk Eye Get a rating of S in the crazy shots field.
Brincos against Samba Make a gesture immediately after defeating a player.
Remained Visit the battlefield of a friend’s courtyard or receive a friend’s visit in yours.
Patio care Customize your patio with an epic article.
More secret? New Faces of Crazy Sites
Time to go Ascends to the same character 5 times.
End the plague Defeat 5000 zombies.
Grandmother z says… Defeat 5000 plants.
Craziness Complete an operating item in Difficulty Locuraaaa.
ˇ ˇ real! Complete 10 epic missions.
Trampled the field Defeat 50 plants with the robotic stomp of Z-Mech.
ˇ Rico peach! Stun to 50 z-mechs with Pomelo Pemelocoton.
Super and nothing more Defeat 25 plants with heroic founces and 25 plants with a heroic ray of Supercerebroz.
Your house or mine Defeat 25 plants with scurvy dispersion and 25 plants with the catalejo shot.
Who can you trust? Defeat a friend on his patio battlefield.
ˇ Solo for Vips! Play a private game with your own personalized rules.
you’re like a goat! Caprifies 100 zombies with rose.
ˇMenuda pod! Defeat 25 zombies with the firing of cob pod.
ˇ “gno” more! Find all hidden garden gnomes.
Goat menu Swallow a goat with carnivorous plant.
Chief battle Enter the mysterious portal and exceed a chief hunt in normal difficulty
Chief Battles Chief Enter the mysterious portal and overcomes a chief hunt in difficulty madness
Team player Meets the contribution requirement of 3 community challenges
Chief Battles Specialist Enter the mysterious portal and exceed a chief hunt in difficult difficulty
Okay, Miau Enter the mysterious portal and complete a game of cats against dinosaurs like a cat
Dinosaur dance Enter the mysterious portal and complete a game of cats against dinosaurs like a dinosaur
We won together Open 5 community challenges prize chests.

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