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Easy Thamium9

Thamium9 is an isotope widely used as fuel in our life support, extraction equipment and some weapons, in addition to the energy pulse. You can find it on the surface of some planets, but being a random game it is impossible to know which and where.

The best way to get Thamium9 is outside the planets, in asteroids. Almost everyone has this mineral and in large quantity. If you need to recharge your batteries, go to space and shoot the rocks. You can also use it for sale, although it does not have great value.

Duplicate equipment

An error has been found (it works in version 1.03) To double the inventory, saving a lot of effort in extraction by the solar system.

This GLitch Work when you die on your ship. The game allows you to recover the belongings of the inventory visiting the point where you have died. However, if you load a previous game you not only recover the inventory you had, you can also get your grave, thus multiplying all your resources.

The only necessary requirement is to have free space in your ship, naturally. However, you can multiply atlas stones in progression and advance much faster in history.

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