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Unlockable motorcycles

Acrobatic Bike: 100% of a test runs on a wheel and gets three stars. Make two 360 front and get three stars. Make four later 360 and get three stars.Bronze Bike: Get 24 stars in the first three areas (desert, Arctic and dunes). Win three races in a row in the multiplayer.Ghost Bike: Play with 20 Facebook friends.Girl Bike: Get 12 stars. Make a 360 rear and get three stars.Gold Bike: Win 24 stars in Desert 2 and Arctics 2;Win 12 consecutive races in the multiplayer. Win 5.000 races in the multiplayer. Win a silver bike in the multiplayer.High Tech Bike: Create a game with a Facebook friend, with a random user, via SMS and via email.HOG Bike: Expourage a bike ninja, ghost, police and super bike in the multiplayer.Ninja Bike: Wins 250 games in the multiplayer.Police Bike: Play with five Facebook friends.Retro Bike: wins 5 multiplayer games, I like on the Bike Race page and in Top Free Games (on Facebook).Silver Bike: Get 24 stars in Hills, Beach and Savana, wins seven multiplayer races in a row, wins a bike bronze in the multiplayer.

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