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Unlockable characters

Get the amount of Ryo or perform the task indicated to get the following characters at free play.2ş Mizukage (Edotensei) 1.330.000 Ryo2ş Tsuchikage (Edotensei) 1.320.000 Ryoasuma (Edotensei) 1.050.000 Ryay1.430.000 Ryodanzo1.440.000 Ryodeidara (Edotensei) 1.080.000 Ryodeidara (Preakatsuki) Drink it with Itachi in the creation of Akatsuki.THE FIRST HOKAGE / HASHIRAMA (EDOTENSEI) 1.370.000 YOEL SECOND HOKAGE / TOBIRAMA (EDO TENSEI) 1.310.000 Ryoel Third Hokage / Sarutobi (Edotensei) 1.300.000 Ryofuu1.250.000 Ryofuu (Edotensei) 1.260.000 Ryogaara1.400.000 Ryohaku (Edotensei) 1.070.000 Ryohan1.210.000 Ryohan (Edotensei) 1.220.000 Ryohanzo (Edotensei) 1.110.000 Ryohidan (Preakatsuki) Drink it with Kazuku in the Ninja escapes the distant reach of hope.Hinata (School) 1.490.000 Ryo (School) 1.500.000 Ryoiruka1.020.000 Ryoitachi (Edotensei) 1.090.000 RYO ITACHI UCHIHA (ANBU) Complete the Ninja getaway “the two uchiha”.Jiraya1.540.000 Ryokakashi (ANBU) 1.570.000 Ryokakashi (School) 1.480.000 Ryokakashi (Young) Complete the ninja escapes the distant reach of hope.Kakuzu (Preakatsuki) Drink it with Pain in the creation of Akatsuki.Konohamaru1.010.000 Ryokushina1.280.000 Ryomadara (before death) 1.600.000 Ryomadara (Edo Tensei resolved) 1.390.000 Ryomei1.420.000 Ryominat (Edotensei) 1.290.000 Ryonagato (Edotensei) 1.110.000 Ryonaruto (armor) 1.530.000 Ryonaruto (Kimono) 1.510.000 Ryonaruto (School) 1.450.000 Ryonaruto Mecha1.660.000 Ryoobito1.380.000 Ryoobito (Young) Complete the ninja escapes the distant reach of hope.Ohnoki1.410.000 Ryoorochimaru (Akatsuki) Drink it with Sasori in the Ninja escapes the creation of Akatsuki.Orochimaru (Sanin Era) 1.560.000 Ryoroshi1.190.000 Ryoroshi (Edotensei) 1.200.000 Ryosakura (School) 1.460.000 Ryosasori (Preakatsuki) Drink it with Konan in the creation of Akatsuki.Sasuke (first suit) 1.040.000 Ryosasuke (Kimono) 1.520.000 Ryosasuke (School) 1.470.000 Ryo Shisui Uchiha Complete the ninja geta.TOBI (GRAN WAR NINJA) 1.270.000 Ryotsunade (Sanin Era) 1.550.000 Ryoukataka1.230.000 Ryoukataka (Edotensei) 1.240.000 Ryoyagura1.170.000 Ryoyagura (Edotensei) 1.180.000 Ryoyamato (ANBU) 1.580.000 Ryoyugito1.150.000 Ryoyugito (Edotensei) 1.116.000 Ryozabuza (Edotensei) 1.060.000 Ryo

Maintain characters from other games

If you are an fan of Naruto Shippuden from CyberConnect 2 you will like to know that those characters unlocked in any of the previous games will be automatically available if you have a game saved in the console.

Bronze  Beyond the complete creation “the creation of the akatsuki” the one who overshadowed the villacompleta “the two Uchiha” the last one on foot “at the end of the desire” ˇa opportunity for technique!Get a supreme technique orb ˇA opportunity to wake up!Get an arouse orb!Activate an action with Ríles ˇun less!Put an opponent of a 4 ˇMI fight!Complete an order for the first time ˇA me, my allies!Complete an ally event for the first time ˇ Teambonification!Get a bonus in a 4 ˇ! Complete -domplete range The access tournament Range D ˇMuy well! Range C Completedocomplete the beginner tournament C ˇgenial! Range B Completely The Intermediate Tournament Range B ˇestupendo! RANGE A COMPLETADOCOMPLETE THE ADVANCED TOURNAL RANGE TO ALL THE DCOMPLETE RANGE CHALLENGES All the challenges of all the challenges of ccomplete range all the challenges of range C all the challenges of the range of rank range all the challenges of range B a unique hitting a colossal auctionˇ Supreme Team!Defeat an opponent with a supreme technique in team ˇsúper combo!Make a 50 -stroke combo of master’s expertise a successful counterattack!Acknowledges with a guard attack ˇ Supreme Technical Comb!Launches a perfect supreme combo perfect!He wins a fight without receiving any stamp barrier blow activated with a stamps barrier to the power of the true arouse to an opponent to arouse true team work definitely to an opponent with reinforcement action 2 gangs hunter use a discount number of lucky a numberof Lottery Exchange of medal It is a medal for the first time on the way to customization, spend a character defeats 30 opponents of 30 opponents in extreme survival survival beginner survival!Win a tournament for the first time ˇ Victoria for Perpetual Change!Win a perpetual change tournament for the first time ˇPrimera Victoria de Liga!Win your first League in Free Combat Vict. Perpetuogana Change League The Perpetual Change League for the first time Liga PENDERING CHALLENGE The League Challenge in Beginning Mode League Intermediate Challenge The League Challenge in Intermediate Mode Silver  A work of artecomplete “The creation of the Akatsuki” with rank S the best of the Uchihacompleta “the two Uchiha” with rank s ˇIncreíble! RANGO S Completeadocomplete The elite tournament Range S My first “friend” completes the story of Naruto-Mecha all the challenges of rank accommodates all the challenges of range to advanced survivaladvanced Gold  glorious! RANGO S+ Completeadocomplete the definitive tournament S+ All the challenges of the rank rank all the challenges of the range S Platinum  Storm master gets the rest of the game trophies

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