Naruto Shippuden cheats: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 – PSP – Cheat codes, Guides

Unlockable Jutsus

Clue Effect
Thunder, rat, snake, horse 100 -meter punch.
Wind, rat, rabbit, ox Assault sheet.
Thunder, sheep, ox, rooster Pull the house down.
Fire, monkey, goat, rabbit Cherry.
Thunder, monkey, dog, ox Dead soul.
Wind, dragon, horse, rat Dispersed detonation.
Fire, rooster, rabbit, goat Dynamic entry.
Water, dragon, goat, dog Illusion pen.
Fire, rat, rabbit, monkey Fire style: burning ashes.
Fire, snake, dragon, rabbit Fire style: dragon flame pump.
Fire, dragon, rat, monkey Fire style: fireball.
Fire, horse, rabbit, sheep Fire style: Yoruho’o.
Wind, dragon, sheep, rooster Genjutsu: fog.
Thunder, rooster, goat, dog Genjutsu: crazy fog.
Earth, rat, goat, monkey Defender kick of heaven.
Water, rat, tiger, rat Intensive healing.
Wind, rooster, ox, tiger Leaf repetition wind.
Thunder, monkey, rooster, snake Lightning sheet.
Thunder, sheep, ox, dog Thunder style: lightning light.
Thunder, tiger, rooster, dog Retant snakes.
Earth, monkey, goat, rooster Invocation: Rashomon.
Wind, dog, goat, horse Excavator fang.
Water, ox, dog, sheep Water style: heartbreaking torrent.
Water, horse, rat, ox Water style: water fang pump.
Wind, ox, goat, rabbit Air style: air bullets.
Fire, sheep, goat, ox Kunai light ball.

Unlockable figures

Clue Effect
Fire, sheep, ox, tiger Figure: gods and angels.
Water, dog, snake, ox Figure: Future heir.
Thunder, dog, tiger, goat Figure: the one that stalks in the dark.
Earth, sheep, goat, dog Figure: Rivals.
Fire, dog, rabbit, tiger Figure: assume equipment.
Water, dog, rat, rooster Figure: Guy equipment.
Thunder, snake, dragon, monkey Figure: Kurenai team.
Wind, rabbit, dragon, ox Figure: The Hokage Office.
Water, snake, dragon, ox Figure: The innocent maiden.
Earth, rooster, ox, snake Figure: The three sand brothers.

Background images

Clue Effect
Fire, ox, rabbit, horse Naruto Hokage Fund.

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