Mortal Kombat Ps3 cheats: Fatalities, combos and secrets

Mortal Kombat cheats for PS3

All the combos and fatalities of PS3, the secrets that the crypt hides and other cheats and cheat codes to achieve victory.

These are All the cheats you need to dominate Mortal Kombat For PS3. Do not miss with us all the cheats of the game.



  • DL-5 (1140 koins)-Jade Segundo Fataly
  • DL-7 (1160)-Reptile alternative suit
  • DL-9 (1020)-Wasteland alternative music
  • DL-10 (1200)-Defense deactivation code
  • DL-12 (800)-jump deactivation code
  • DL-15 (1200)-Johnny Cage alternative suit
  • DL-17 (1020)-Code without blood
  • DL-21 (920)-ERMAC second fatality
  • DL-25 (1020)-Dark Combat Code
  • DL-26 (1100)-Armory Alternative Music
  • DL-28 (1200)-Sheeva alternative suit
  • DL-32 (1060)-Hyper Lucha Code
  • DL-37 (1040)-Kabal Segundo Fataly
  • DL-40 (1080)-BARAKA alternative suit
  • DL-43 (1100)-Kode health recovery code
  • DL-47 (1100)-Sektor alternative suit
  • DL-48 (980)-Courtyard (Night) alternative music
  • DL-50 (1020)-Combos deactivation code
  • DL-58 (1080)-ROOFTOP (DUSK) alternative music
  • DL-61 (900)-Desert Alternative Music
  • DL-63 (1500)-quan chi alternative suit
  • DL-69 (1200)-Kitana alternative suit
  • DL-71 (740)-Desert Alternative Music
  • DL-73 (1160)-Code Deactivation Stage Objects
  • DL-79 (1300)-Johnny Cage Segundo Fataly
  • DL-83 (1080)-Deactivation code power bars
  • DL-85 (740)-Soul Chamber alternative music
  • DL-88 (1200)-Kabal alternative suit
  • DL-92 (1040)-Jax Second Fataly
  • DL-94 (640)-Shao Khan’s Throne Room Alternative Music
  • DL-96 (740)-Psycho Combat Code
  • DL-98 (980)-Hell Alternative Music
  • DL-101 (920)-Shang Tsung alternative suit
  • DL-105 (1100)-Super without limit code
  • DL-1110 (1060)-Nightwolf alternative suit
  • DL-114 (740)-Evil Monasterly Alternative Music
  • DL-116 (1240)-Explosive Combat Code
  • DL-119 (1500)-Scorpion alternative suit
  • DL-120 (1020)-Cyrax Segundo Fataly

Hollow of infestation

  • HI-4 (920)-Baraka Segundo Fataly
  • HI-6 (940)-Street alternative music
  • HI-8 (980)-Liu Kang alternative suit
  • HI-12 (1080)-Shang Tsung Second Fataly
  • HI-15 (1140)-Improved movements deactivation code
  • HI-18 (1100)-Kano Segundo Fataly
  • HI-22 (800)-Sonya Blade Alternative Suit
  • HI-24 (1050)-X-Ray Deactivation Code
  • HI-26 (1020)-Bell Tower Alternative Music
  • HI-28 (1180)-Liu Kang Segundo Fataly
  • HI-33 (1140)-Mileena alternative suit
  • HI-35 (940)-Courtyard (Day) alternative music
  • HI-37 (1200)-Quick hook recovery code
  • HI-38 (940)-Goro’s Lair Alternative Music
  • HI-39 (1340)-quan chi second fatality

Meadow of Despair

  • MD-2 (1260)-Nightwolf Second Fataly
  • MD-4 (880)-Flesh Pits alternative music
  • MD-6 (1200)-Cyrax alternative suit
  • MD-9 (1260)-Code Combat without arms
  • MD-11 (1280)-Sektor second fatality
  • MD-14 (940)-Raiden alternative suit
  • MD-17 (900)-“Breakers” deactivation code
  • MD-21 (1300)-Sheeva Segundo Fataly
  • MD-25 (1200)-Kano alternative suit
  • MD-28 (1010)-Launch deactivation code
  • MD-31 (960)-Kung Lao Segundo Fataly
  • MD-33 (1000)-Subway Alternative Music
  • MD-36 (1200)-Jax alternative suit
  • MD-39 (1200)-Kombat Kode Invisible Combat Code
  • MD-42 (1280)-Reptile Segundo Fataly
  • MD-45 (1280)-Kode Vampire Combat Code
  • MD-47 (1200)-Double race code
  • MD-51 (1140)-Sub-Zero Second Fataly
  • MD-52 (920)-PIT (Night) alternative music
  • MD-54 (1000)-Sub-zero alternative suit


  • BM-2 (920)-Mileena Segundo Fataly
  • BM-5 (1040)-NOOB SAIBOT alternative suit
  • BM-11 (1100)-Arcoiris Combat Code
  • BM-14 (1220)-Raiden second fatality
  • BM-16 (940)-Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Alternative Music
  • BM-19 (1200)-Sindel alternative suit
  • BM-20 (1020)-Dead Pool Alternative Music
  • BM-23 (980)-Second Fataly Kitana
  • BM-26 (900)-Smoke Second Fataly
  • BM-30 (990)-Code without power bar
  • BM-35 (1300)-Sonya Blade Segundo Fataly
  • BM-38 (1200)-Kung lao alternative suit
  • BM-41 (1140)-Silent Combat Code
  • BM-42 (860)-Living Forest Alternative Music
  • BM-44 (1300)-Sindel second fatality
  • BM-47 (1200)-Special Deactivation Code
  • BM-50 (1000)-Jade alternative suit
  • BM-54 (990)-Super recovery code
  • BM-57 (900)-Stryker second fatality
  • BM-60 (1190)-Mandatory launch code
  • BM-62 (820)-Shang Tsung’s Garden (Night) alternative music
  • BM-63 (1450)-Cyber Sub-Zero Second Fataly
  • BM-54 (1010)-Tournament Code
  • BM-68 (1200)-ERMAC alternative suit
  • BM-72 (920)-Scorpion Segundo Fataly
  • BM-80 (840)-Koliseum alternative music
  • BM-82 (960)-Smoke alternative suit

All fatalities

Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Phases with fatalities

Fatalities Mortal Kombat

God of War phase (exclusive PS3)

Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Fight against Klassic Reptile

Make two flawless victory on stage the pit (at night), a witch must pass in a broom or the potatoe of Noel by the moon, when winning the fight perform the fatality Stage and throw to the skewers.

Fatalities Mortal Kombat
Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Fight Jade Klassic

Doing two flawless victory to Shang Tsung and perform fatality (Babity does not work), if we do not get it the first time we face we can try again giving the character selection once we win the kombate and Finish Him appears, if we give it there toSelect character does not tell us how loss.

Fatalities Mortal Kombat
Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Fight against Smoke Klassic

On the stage the living forest we must click below + Back or Select (PS3) When you see Smoke look after a tree, recommended to make the Kombate to Uppercuts and in each impact click below + back or select repeatedly.

Fatalities Mortal Kombat
Fatalities Mortal Kombat


In the Temple stage when instead of the monk leaves on the right side, NOOB stands to win the kombate without covering and we will fight against the.

Fatalities Mortal Kombat
Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Secret Babalities

To perform a Babaly automatically to Kintaro to Goro we must put the tournament at least “medium” and 2 round each kombate, perform Shang Tsung’s baby without losing any kombate (you can lose rounds) when facing Kindaro or Goro do not cover forAll Kombate and winning them we will make them automatic Babaly. (Works in team tournament too).To perform a Babaly to Shao Khan we must put the tournament at least “medium” and 2 round each kombate, perform Babality in all fighting including Kintaro or Goro, when arriving at Shao Khan win the kombate without covering at any time,WIN WE WILL DO ATOMATIC BABALITY. If we do the Babalyity, the end of our fighter will not be seen. (Works in team tournament).

Fatalities Mortal Kombat
Fatalities Mortal Kombat
Fatalities Mortal Kombat

Unlock 3ş Mileena suit Complete the 300 challenges of the Torre de los Challenges.

Choose suit color When selecting Pulsar Start character to choose from normal or alternative, press Press Start to choose the second color.

Choose original soundtrack When choosing the Pulsar Start stage and we will hear the commentator’s mythical laugh, the soundtrack will be the original (it does not work for all the scenarios).

Platinum trophy ˇHas unlocked all trophies!


My Kung-Fu is even more powerful Achieves the mastery of all fighters


My Kung-Fu is powerful Achieve the mastery of 1 fighter

Tournament champion Complete the Arcade tournament with all the fighters

ˇAda what you start! Make a fatality with all available fighters

The competitor Complete 200 Kombates versus (online or premises)

ˇ I have not died! Traces with less than 10% health in an equalized online game

tortoise! Win the two rounds over time to finish in an equalized online game

It can only be one! Win 10 king of the hill in a row

ˇWhat runs the blood! Spill 10.000 liters of blood

exceptional! Win 10 equalized games online

Tower teacher Complete all the Missions of the Tower

The Kripta Guardian Unlock 100% of the Kripta

Definitive humiliation Make the hidden final movement of all fighters

Cyber-champion wins 100 online fighting

you got style! Unlock all alternative costumes

Back to the past… Complete 100% of the story mode


Humiliation Get a Victory Flawless in an online game

Cold fusion Unlock the hidden fighter “Cyber Sub-Zero”

excellent! Impacts with the X -ray attack of all fighters available in a way of fighting

Luck is capricious Get all MK dragons in luck challenge

Tournament teacher The arcade tournament completes in maximum difficulty and without continuing

do not jump! Expires in an equalized online game without jumping

What happens with the arcade? Complete the arcade tournament with any fighter

The octopus Make all the front and posterior releases of all fighters in a way of fighting

I am the best, by force Complete all mini-games of force challenge

ˇDim Mak! Complete all the mini-games of the challenge of hitting

ˇ These are not my glasses! Complete all mini-games of the reflection challenge

What is this button for? Complete the arcade tournament without blocking (you can continue)

Tower apprentice Complete 25 Missions of the Tower

Launching is champions Make 8 launches in an equalized online game

ˇBlock this! Make a 10 blow kombo with any fighter

a tough guy! Win in a kombate online

Relief is the best! I successfully perform a kombo in pairs

Properly progress Complete the tutorial mode

Complete-ality Perform each type of “-Saly”

License to kill Complete Fataly training

Do you know with him? Make the hidden final movement of any fighter

ˇ The robots grind! Expourage team tournament with Sektor and Cyrax Robotics

ˇFatality! ˇArealize a fatality!

Cyber-Kontente Play 100 Kombates online“quan-to” missing? Unlock the hidden fighter “quan chi”

Burial Unlocks 50% of the kripta

you have found me! Discover the first hidden Kombatiente in the Arcade and fight against him tournament

I will teach you respect! Get 1.000 respect points in king of the hill

Playing hide and seek Discover the second hidden Kombatiente in the Arcade and fight against him tournament

ˇThe best alternative in history! Unlock the third alternative suit of Mileena

Master of the pit Discover the third Kombatiente hidden in the Arcade and fight against him tournament

ˇIt half! Complete 50% of the story mode

Shadow Brotherhood Discover the fourth kombatiente hidden in the Arcade and fight against him tournament

ˇ Absolute Respect! Get 2.500 respect points in king of the hill

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