Business Use the “double rental” letter on the full dark blue group with house and hotel.


Friendly treatment Use a “forced treatment” letter so that both players complete groups.


I have said no Counteract a letter “say no” with another letter “say no”.

Comfort bunny A group ends using only “Property Commodines”.

Real estate Have at least 12 properties on the board, including public stations and services.

I want those Never play property letters. Róbalras or consiguences as payment to win.

Collector Have a property of each type on the board, including public stations and services.

ˇMis Properties! Never pay properties during a game.

Strategist Use “Roba-Negocios” as a last play to win the game.

With haste Be the first to have a complete group

ˇ More letters! Play 3 cards “go through the exit” in a shift.

Investor Ańade a hotelSelective Win without using a “property wild card” in your complete groups.

Basic income Use a “rent” or “multicolored rental” letter in a complete group of properties.

give me money Use 5 “rent” cards in a game.

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