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Elephant buildings

You can unlock the elephants once you have seen the game credits. They are varied microjugous selections, with various parameters.

Crazy Elephant: It is unlocked by overcoming Winiwario phases.Hyperdifical Elephant: Get 30 or more points in the Elephant to Crazy.Sudden Death Elephant: Get 20 or more in the hyperdifical elephant.Elephant exciting: get 10 or more in the elephant sudden death.

Unlockable games for multiplayer

Bomb: Play Survival as good brothers: Play a pump once.THE Globe: Play once as good brothersNapia Center: He plays once to the Dardosbo Boing Club: Play Neapia Center once

Unlockable games

Balloon Trip: exceeds the phase of the DR. Crygor.Solid foundations: It exceeds Young Cricket’s phase.Bum Bum: exceeds Ashley’s phase.Fable: exceeds the orbulon phase.Vertical tennis: exceeds the Kat & Ana phase.Pyoro S: exceeds all the microjoue of all the characters.

Unlockable game modes

Multiplaying mode: Multiplaying mode is unlocked by overcoming the Winiwario phase in the main mode. Will be available on the game menu.

Cinema: exceeds the Wario phase.

MIXTURES: Complete at least 20 levels in the surprise elephant.

Temple of forms: exceeds a micro game.

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