Metro cheats: last light – ps3 – cheat codes, guides

Two finals

Metro: Last Light has two finals, one good (titled “Redemption”) and one bad. The end of the game will depend exclusively on the morality of the actions we do. When we make a good action the screen will shine for a few seconds. If we do good actions and we do not do bad, we will have the good end, but we will see the bad one (Tiulate “C’est la Vie”, “This is life”).

Actions that make us lose morality: Innocent.Kill.Rob.

Actions that make us gain morality Bulb to vagrants.Fulfill the missions of the non -playable characters.Find ammunition in quarantine areas.Listen to dialogues in populated areas.Listen to the stories of the characters.Rescue women and children.Forgive the life of soldiers who surrender.

Extra morality in missions: See all visions in the “Dead City” mission.Returns the little teddy bear to the child in the mission “Venice”.Complete “bridge” without killing humans.Complete “installation” without killing humans.Complete “revolution” without killing humans.Complete “separation” without killing humans.

All pages of the newspaper

This video shows where to find the 43 pages of newspaper:

All musical instruments

This video is taught where to find the 17 musical instruments:

Bronze  Weldomata to 100 human enemies antibioticomata to 100 mutants blafbly sneakily to 15 enemies hell up fire at 2 enemies at the same time teslarompe 50 lights Edisonapaga 40 lights without breaking them always vigilantdose 10 traps business manFirst draft game 10 pages of the hidden notebook of Artyom Bunny The training sequence is not a chicinatermine the level “ashes” without receiving any impact ˇlibertad!Releases the perfect escape prisoners of the fascists at the “Empire” level to the first invisible -fulEchoes “Without detecting the guy’s vigilantes of the whole arts the theatrical show by the hairs of the red line derarchamientomata to all the armed enemies at the” revolution “level, reinforcements included ˇque you pires you!Kill all the guards before reaching the car as a shadow to women and children at the “bandits” level without lifting the sopamata alarm to 5 prawns with reunite grenades and returns the teddy bears to the disconsolate diver 10 times in the swampEquipped ends all teams in the team in the forgotten swamps on the hidden ammunition in the abandoned part of the station at the “quarantine” level there is no one at home the phone call in the thirst anomaly of BloodMata to all the reds of the level “the persecution”Van Helsingmata to a demon with the Helsing man of the rageLess to an enemy with each weapon available in the Master Game Armeroinset it all the possible customizations of a weapon Silver  PUBJECT OF THE 43 pages of the Hidden Notebook of Artyom Salvador Invisiblempleta The level “Installation” without killing or lifting the invisiblecompleted soldier alarm the “revolution” level without killing or lifting the alarm Grand Mamámata Al Rhino Redentorquíte yourself the mask when you send it to you Lesnitsky Venganzamata to PavelGuardian of the Forests to the Bear of the Vigilantes after the revelation of the hall that mosvkin tells the truth with the help of the authentic SpreadThe game in command mode Gold  C’est is viestruy the D6 redempted the surviving d6 (ranger mode) completes the game in difficult command Platinum  Platinum trophy achieves the rest of the game trophies

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