Cheats The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Wii – Cheat codes, Guides

Hero mode

The game ends for the first time and you can access the hero mode.

In this way, which begins when we play for the second time, the hearts last half, they will only appear when we carry a heart medal, we will start accessing all the cheats and with the Skyward Strike attack to the maximum, and we will have all the treasures and insectsthat we have obtained before. In addition, the Rush Boss mode Ańade to the final chief of the game.

Recover life

Sit on chairs or banks in dungeons to recover life. You just have to wait a few seconds, and you will start filling.

Thunder dragon

Win a number of battles in thunder dragon mode to access the following bonus:

1 Battle: 20 rupees.2 Battles: Treasury little (random).3 battles: 100 rupees.4 battles: piece of heart or 200 rupees.5 battles: 300 rupees.6 battles: rare treasure (random).7 Battles: 500 rupees.8 battles: Hyrule shield or 1.000 rupees.9 Battles: 2.000 rupees.10 battles: three rare (random) treasures.11 Battles: 3.000 rupees.12 battles: 9.900 rupees.

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