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Tier One mode

The campaign mode ends to activate mode Tier One , A counterreloj mode.

Multiplayer (bronze): First rotation: Play online for 15 minutes multiplayer (bronze): Service period: Play online for 2 hoursmust of (bronze): AP. was. Intense: shoot 1000 bullets in a round (it is granted at the end of the round) multiplayer (bronze): field enter.: Play once with each class (minimum 2 minutes) multiplayer (bronze): enter. MISSION: Play Combatemultijuado Mission (Bronze) R: enter. Assault: Play assault in multiplayer team (bronze): enter. Security: Play control of the Multijugador Sector (Bronze): enter. Team: Play assault on the Objectivomultuador (bronze): Recruit: Reach level 2 in any classmultucer (bronze): veteran: it reaches level 4 in any classmult of (bronze): triple layer: reaches level 8 in a classmultucer: specific. Mission (Bronze): Play two hours of combatemultuador mission: species. Assault (bronze): Play two hours of assault on equipment. Security (Bronze): Play two hours of control of the Multijugador Sector: Spec. Equipment (bronze): Play two hours of assault on the multiplayer target: obs. Advanced (bronze): Executes a missile attack support action (it is granted at the end of the Rondamultijuador: Control. TRIP (SILVER): Use all offensive support actions once (granted at the end of the round) Multiplayer: Mayor (silver): Get 1000 Points of supporter: Level 1 (silver): Reach the maximum level in any classmultijugator:OUTDANDED (GOLD): It is among the top 3 of the ten –ie times the class classification (bronze): a player: complete first to get to the headquarters (bronze): a player: complete emergence in bagramdevelopment of the situation (bronze): a player: Complete running with unexpected lobosinvads (bronze): A player: Complete Dorothy is a war zorramotors (bronze): a player: complete in the mouth of the lobochongress of TalibanPlayer: Complete Friends Suspense… (Bronze): A player: Complete in dangers.AND.R.AND. (Bronze): A player: Complete network of Neptune Heroes Aboard (Bronze): A player: Complete rescue rescuers Effective Operative (silver): A player: in the first to arrive, kill the kidnapper of a shot in the Maza head (bronze):A player: irruption in bagram, destroys 2 vehicles with 2000 lbs pump. Directed by Laserel Jump of Deuce (Bronze): A player: Salta 7.5 meters high with the quadteme to death (silver): A player: in Dorothy it is a fox, destroys the al Qaeda camp with the AC-130eliminationMassive (silver): A player: in the mouth of the wolf, defeat the DSHK in less than two minutes a fewer village (silver): a player: destroy 30 buildings in village gunfighterspulso de surgeon (silver): a player: in mode ofLong -range sniper, make white in all body parts to the beast (bronze): a player: in danger, get 15 deaths with the M60.The silent professional (silver): a player: in Neptune’s network, eliminates 13 enemies without alerting anyone! (Bronze): A player: In rescue rescuers, it starts 5 trees with the gatlinghamos won the battle… (Bronze): A player: the game ends at the easy, normal or difficult level… But the war continues (silver): a player: the game ends at the difficult level with great heroism (gold): one player: ends all levels of the game in level 1 mode below the time medium the climbing (bronze): a player:Get 20 deaths with knife my gun (bronze): a player: get 30 deaths with gun in all melon (bronze): a player: 7. On the head sec. With any weapon except Rifle Francot. Long mass scope (bronze): One player: kills 5 enemies at the same time with a single grenade of Manolos Rangers mark the passage (bronze): One player: ends all the missions of Danco Abandons never abandoned (bronze): one player:Finish all the Rabbitque missions you do well (bronze): a player: end all the missions of Deucemedal of Honor Tier 1 (platinum): Get all the trophies of Medal of Honor.

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