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Good final

To see the good end, and get the corresponding trophy, you must rescue all class companions that you will see for the game.

Good final

To see the good end, and get the corresponding trophy, you must rescue all class companions that you will see for the game.

Legendary Zombies Hunterˇ100% completed! thanks for playing!


Congratulations! Happy Birthday! See the happy ending.


Advanced zombie hunter Complete phase 3 overcoming dad’s score.

Perfect body Increase all Juliet levels to the maximum.

ˇOh, God, how the music is cool! Get all the music.

Chupachuses addict Collect all the pacifier wrappers.

Salvador de San Romero Rescue all class companions.

Zombies Super Hunter Complete phase 4 overcoming dad’s score.

Sushi master chef Collect all combos.

ˇSessino zombies?! Kill 3000 Zombies.

Rookie zombie hunter Complete the prologue overcoming dad’s score.

Zombophile Complete the zombie album.

Zombi hunter started Complete Phase 1 overcoming dad score.

Master Zombies Hunter Complete phase 6 overcoming dad score.

Excellent zombie hunter Complete phase 5 overcoming dad score.

Millionaire hunter Collect 10,000 zombie medals.

Intermediate zombie hunter Complete phase 2 overcoming dad’s score.


Third Eye Avoid all balloon attacks in the battle against Mariska.

Approved by Cordelia Acknowledge 30 shots in the head.

Dominated mechanics workshop Complete all events Cut car in a row.

Bright hunting teacher Decapitates 7 zombies in a bright hunt.

THE GIRL OF THE POTRO DEL POTRO Get 10 jumps of the foal.

ˇ Benjaminas are the worst! Do not allow Rosalind’s demolition ball to hit you.

I went, I saw and kicked her ass Defeat Killabilly.

Always on the phone Collect all phone messages.

There is no more rock and roll Defeat Lewis Legend.

Lightning rod Let yourself be reached by lightning 10 times.

Disc music is dead Defeat Josey.

I swear! ˇIt was unintentionally! Look once below Juliet’s skirt.

Supercompras Spend 10,000 Medals in Chop2Shop.Zoom.

Without fear of heights Exceeds the gondola game without shooting.

Hippy dirty Defeat Mariska.

International Zombies Hunter Registered in world markers of all phases.

I love Nick Kiss Nick 100 times.

ˇ Encounter chest! Exceeds events on the edge of Vikke ship.

ˇThe Metal Viking Mola! Defeat Vikke.

Accidental vandalism Destroy 300 objects in the game.

Rico Hunter Collect 1000 zombie medals.

Life jacket Rescue all class companions in the prologue.

Zed is dead, baby, dead Defeat Zed.

Beech with the balls ˇˇEvita and counterattacks Zed electric balls 15 times!!

Juliet51 51 kicks made successful.


Dirty and nothing cool Matpel defeat in the prologue.

ˇ Critical UFO! Funkéate to Josey during the last 10 seconds.

Marching hunter Kill 500 Zombies.

Apprentice zombie hunter Buy a combo in Chop2Shop.Zoom and use it.

Birthday of horror See the atrocious end.

Legendary harvester Collect the entire harvest in the field using the phase 3 harvester.

Indicated Cut 20 fingers during the fight against Killabilly.

ˇCome, by medals! Collect all the zombie medals with the sweeping of chainsaw.

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