Cheats Littlebigplanet Karting – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Quick output

In the back count of the exit click the accelerate button and the brake button. When “Go” appears, release the brake and you can go out with a turbo that will practically place you in the first positions as soon as you start.


Complete LittleBigplanet Complete the main tour of Littlebigplanet.

Complete monsters islands complete the main route of the monsters islands.

Complete laboratory of Victoriacompleta The main route of the Victoria Laboratory.

The emporium of progress is completed the main route of the Emporio del Progreso.

Complete psychiatric of evacomplete the main path of Eva psychiatric.

Complete the spatial complicates the main route of the spatial.

Complete Sweet Household Household Complete the main journey of Dulce Home monoparador.

Hook hook three times without touching the ground.


ˇThe brave defender!Defend yourself from 30 attacks from your rivals at any level.

Planetary Star achieves a star on a planet in the story mode.

Battalador get a 5 hits streak at a battle level of the story mode.

I rule here!Appeals 50 henchmen of the hoarders in the story mode with any weapon.

Fury on the roadbetea road to a rival at any level.

Great comboacumula a multiplier x5 at a level of the story mode.

Domain at the end of all the tutorials of the first planet, Littlebigplanet.

This has just started in 30 minutes in creating mode.

Becariomira all creation tutorials from beginning to end.

Interior decorationCrea a personalized capsule.

Remodeling changes clothes.

VivoCambia vehicle.

Creating the community creates and keeps a level in the creation mode.

Heavenly decorator creates a personalized planet.

Personalized object creates a personalized object at one of your levels.

Creator of Armas Crea A personalized weapon in the creation mode.

Playing to be popular, any level in your recent activity.

Photographer a photo you have taken at any level.

Leave it for a level to your list.

ˇA collect!Create a game group with three other players in your capsule.

Active recommendation is a level that appears in a friend’s review.

We have good taste exceeds a level in team selection.

First impressions exceeds a level in less than 5 attempts and writes a review.

About macomplet completely your profile page.

I am better than tusupera the score that a friend has published at any level of the community.


Sampler in lines upper 25 community levels.

Final star get a star at all the last levels of the main story.

FavoritePublica a level and make 10 players overcome it.

Champion in Lightning in 25 different online levels against other human players.

forward!Play on 25 community levels and sup them.

Creator manufacturer includes three cooperative levels and three confrontation.


Complete the full story mode the main history of the story mode.

Star of the story gets a star at all levels of the story mode.

Creating the sky of the images hears 24 hours active in the creation mode.

The adventures continued 100 community levels.


100% realized all the Trophies of Littlebigplanet Karting to unlock the platinum trophy.

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