Littlebigplanet Cheats 3 – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

100% completed Win all Littlebigplanet ™ 3 trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.


Cartographer Create an adventure map.

Brings together the band Relive all legendary heroes.

A type called mission Complete all missions in LittleBigplanet ™ 3 adventure mode.

Aces Master all levels of adventure.

Do not go alone… Exceeds all levels of adventure with another Sackcosa.

Back to school Play any level at the Popit Academy with Newton’s attire.


Graduate Exceeds the second quarter of the Popit Academy.

Graduation Day Exceeds the two trimesters of the Popit Academy.

Senior creator The second quarter of the Popit Academy dominates successfully.

Rookie creator The first quarter of the Popit Academy dominates successfully.

AM… INVINCIBLE! Use the gameplay adjustment to become invincible… ˇ and demonstrates that you are!

Dinner at 8 Guide at 8 SACKCOSAS UNTIL THE END.

First pilot Master the level “Caravan of Clouds”.

Free bird Destroy 25 or more Newton robots.


Apt Pupil Exceeds the first quarter of the Popit Academy.

ˇWe will play an adventure! Play a community adventure.

Wonders wonders Play a team selection by entering the Zigurat team selection portal.

Conservative ˇ Create a playlist!

The best planes… Win both gadget challenges.

More and deeper… Create a level that makes use of the 16 layers.

Map decoration Decorate an adventure map.

Can you swim? Immerse a sackbot in water… Nothing will happen.

That explodes… Fill the thermometer in the creation mode.

The moon on a stick ˇThe moon should not be on a stick! ˇLiber it!

Adventure lover Worship a community adventure.

AUTCILLA, Avecilla Become Swoop.

Slippery slope Create a slide.

Big and small ones Become Toggle.Unique in its kind Become Oddsock.

Old School! Use a LittleBigplanet ™ 2 enhancer.

new school! Place a hook hat on your level.

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