Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Wii – Cheat codes, Guides

Yoshi fry infinitely

Salta leaving and before and before you just fluttered, pressing even, squeeze z and quickly releases. Squeeze again. Repeat the process indefinitely to continue fluttering with Yoshi.

Green star challenge

Get the 120 normal stars of the game and beat Bowser to unlock this new challenge.

Death counter

The galaxy of the great teacher, secret galaxy that you will unlock afterés of collecting 120 normal and green stars, hides another secret. Once you acquire the final star of this level (the perfect race), you can see a death counter in your saved file. With éL, you can see how many times you have died during the game.

Galaxy of the Grand Master

Complete the challenge of the green star, picking up the 240 stars of the game, including the normal stars, the green stars and the stars of the joker comet.

Play with Luigi at any level

He beat Bowser in the galaxies generator to be able to play with Luigi at any level of the game.

Secret world

To unlock the secret world of the game, complete the game for the first time.

Toad banker items

Toad diver
Deposits 6000 star pieces.
Toad Explorer
Deposits 8000 star pieces.
Glasses Deposits 1000 star pieces.
Axe Deposits 4000 star pieces.
Lanza and shield
Deposite 2000 star pieces.
The perfect race
Deposits 9999 star pieces.

Infinite lives

You see the super massive galaxy. Once inside, go to the planet with the three giant koopas. If you lie to one of the koopas and continue jumping on él, you will receive lives until, eventually, get to the maximum of your capacity, that is, 99 lives.

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