Lego Batman Cheats 2: DC Super Heroes – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


Enigma slender: q285lk

Slee of two faces: 95kpyj

Harley Quinn Moto: C79LVH

Slee clown: 9ZZZBP

Lex Robot: W49CSJ

Mimo Mimo: Zqa8mk

Police: V9Sagt


10x Tachuelas multiplier A92HDW

2x Tachuelas multiplier 74ezut

4x Tachuelas multiplier EY2B5C

6x Tachuelas multiplier HYF2B7

8x Tachuelas multiplier 4h9hqe

Cabezones characters GTDHR3

Invincibility MVXP8E

Regenerate hearts ZXEX5D

Tachuelas magnet Mnzer6


It exceeds level 4 of history and you will get one of the most powerful superheroes in the world of comics.


Open Microphone Night Complete the Gotham Theater

ˇ The jokes are not paid!Complete the Joker’s leakage

Persecution in the full labyrinth land of Arkhamˇbaja with dishonor!Complete asylum arkham The full winning formula Ace

RUINA DE LA RUINA Complete hunting in large truck deconstructive critic

Frequent traveler Complete Robots Hero Air Battle in Complete Training Gotham Met

treason!Complete fight at the City Council Hostilecompleta Wayne IndustriesˇLiga de la Justicia, meet!Complete the final battle Theory of Big Brick Create your first character in customizing characters nightmare from my lifevance a Batman with Bane (only 1 player)

Silver everything changes!Change the character in the free -speech upgraduate Valiosarecoge all the records of recordingCopetaaturde to an enemy with the weapon of Commissioner Gordon and see (only 1 player) Run the risky to an enemy that is in a cornisa in Wayne Industries Murrcielago Siaméscon Catwoman, uses the demolition techniquestealth to attack Batman (only 1 player) ˇAir family!Plan with Batman for 5 seconds or authentic -consent masheroeGold Super friends picks up all the heroes characters.Bad to influence all the VillanosAturdimiento characters to 100 enemies Irrompiblempleta a level without losing all your most valuable heights as all the sands in the league mode of the Justiciase has made a justicia co -control in each sand in the justice league modePlatinum Hero Completoconscans the rest of the game trophies

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