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Secret Final

You need to find all the collectibles in the game and break the orbs. There are 13 in the game and the last one is hidden before the big camera where the escape sequence begins.

In the room with the big orb, you will see a board that lights up for each collectible. With the 13, it will open and you can enter to deactivate the end. The lights will blink except number two, in a bunker with interesting items and a closed door. If pauses the game and loads that area with all the destroyed collectibles, you will find that the switch is active, and click on one of the three directions is a sound track.

The sequence is: up, up, right, left, right, right, right, up, up, right, left, left, left.


Collectible necessary to unlock the secret end.

Inside Steam Achievements

Achievement |Description
To the back on the left The hard fall of the box
Dark foundations Secrets under the city
Murky waters West is clearer
Friends in the background Taking possession in the depths
Incomprehensible Breathing deep
Teamwork Stretching in unison
Reflection room Hanging
Like clockwork Shadows at noon
In the office The speech in the elevator
A breath Immerse yourself
Landscape Piedras jumping on the beach
Field research Digging up secrets
ˇÍa-ia-oh! In my uncle’s farm…
Latest In the end, it makes sense

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