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Get the following number of orbs (and gastal) to activate the cheats in the secret menu, within options. The cheats cannot be activated until a part of the specific game (indicated in parentheses):

Bad weather: 5 precursor orbs (act 1-1) Cabezón mode: 3 precursor orbs (act 1-1) improvement in the blast damage: 6 precursors orbs (act 1-9) Dark Jak invisible: 25 orbs ofPrecursors (Act 3-11) Fast kinematics: 5 Precursor orbs (act 1-1) More Blaster ammunition: 4 Precursors orbs (Act 1-17) More Amace Maker ammunition: 4 Precursors orbs (Act 2-19) More SCATTER gun ammunition: 4 Precursors orbs (Act 1-17) More ammunition in Vulcan Fury: 4 Precursors orbs (Act 1-24) Infinite ammunition: 50 Precursors orbs (act 3-11) Dark Jak Infinite: 50 Precursor orbs (Act 3-11) Light Jak Infinite: 50 Precursors (act 3-11) Infinite turbos: 30 orbs of precursors (act 2-25) Invulnerable: 100 orbs of precursors (act 3-11)Jak 3: 2 Precursors models viewer (act 3-11) Model viewer of Jak and Daxter: 2 Precursors orbs (Act 1-24) Model viewer of Jak 2: 2 Precursors orbs (Act 2-25) Super Book of cuts: 2 orbs of precursors (act 3-11) Mundo Espejo: 5 orbs of precursors (act 1-1) More scope of the Peace Maker: 6 orbs of precursors (act 2-19) Circuits of Ratchet andClank: 6 Precursors orbs (act 2-12) More cadence of the Scatter gun: 6 Precursors orbs (Act 1-9) Cutting Book: 2 Precursors orbs (Act 1-24) Slow camera films: 5 Orbesof precursors (act 1-1) Small head mode: 3 orbs of precursors (act 1-1) Jak carries knob: 2 orbs of precursors (act 1-1) tougher vehicles: 15 orbs of precursors (act 2-14)Vulcan Fury more damage: 6 precursor orbs (act 1-17)

Fait accompli For your resistance and the time invested and the insatiable need to finish it.


Cabezón, you Get 250 Cabezachapas stones.

It ends with him Ends with the last boss.

Record number Get 600 spheres.


Site with pleasure Get 300 spheres.

My head hurts Get 125 Cabezachapas stones.

Higher towers have fallen Destroy the tower of the heads.

ˇLea the boss! Destroy the ciberol boss.

Masked Mero -Deadrs Ends with the strength of the merodiers.

ˇ Everything to starboard! Defends the port of the attack.

ˇCA, CA, Scale! Destroy the snipers.

GIVE THE BARK Defeat Veger’s precursor robot.

Wellhechor Rescue the steppe.


It smells like gas Arrives at the port through the sewers.

For the rails Travel through the Ríles de las Catacumbas.

ˇBlam! Break the barrier with an explosive bot.

The best defense Defends the basis of the attack.

Hunting-interruptors Look for the switch in the sewers.

It’s hot, don’t? Plan to the volcano.

Yeah baby Protect Ashelin in the Oasis.

In a hurry Rescue Seem in the Temple.

Give them hard Defend Spargus of the attack.

Clear vision Activate the Forest Astroscope.

The shields have fallen Destroy the dark ship shield.

Empty nests Destroy Nido Piechapas.

ˇCáscaras! Destroy the eggs in the nest.

It smells like a rat Liquid to the kangaroo rats.

Secretly It arrives at the catacombs through the ruins of the palace.

Explorer Explore the Eco mine.

Total, it was already broken It crosses the ruins.

kidnapping! Kidnap the echo vehicle.

Plasma ball Destroy the dark ship.

Thumb very black Kill the dark plants in the forest.take you or “Facts”? Compete for artifacts.

Tanks, tanks Destroy the dark echo tanks.

Oh my head Get 25 stones from Cabezachapas.

Bathtime It arrives in Cabezachapas area through the sewers.

Wild fighting Expires to the merodiers on the combat scenario.

Explosive train Escort to the Pump Train.

Bite the dust Buy Kleever in the desert race.

Bum, Badabum Destroy the explosive bots that arrive.

Faith site Get 50 spheres.

I want to destroy! Destroys the defenses of the war factory.

Machacabestias Destroys the beasts head.

Yippi-Kai-Yei Corne the wild jumping.

ˇZum zum! Compete for more artifacts.

Defend pourers Defend the main door of Spargus.

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