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Trick mode

Use a text editor for the file Autoexec.CFG In the deputy director profiles of the game’s board. Then go the following line at the end of the file:

Setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-de-dodes

During the game, click [ş] to make the console and introduce:

Add_skill (skill number): Ańadir skill points.add_all_spells: all spells for the selected hero.add_army_town city 1: Fill the Army of the hero selected with the creatures of the entire selected city.Set_hero_luck_Morale luck moral : Establishes the moral and fate of the selected hero.show_player_money Player number : Shows the money of the determined player.ADD_EXP number : Ańade the experiences determined to the selected hero.Clear_Money: Resources to zero.ADD_GOLD #: Ear the determined money.@Win (): win mission.@Loose (): lose mission.

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