Escote Dead Island Cheats – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Pure platinum Get all other trophies.


ˇMeudo trip! Complete the game.


Infiltrate Complete the prologue.

Live together, die alone Complete Mission 5: A fighting opportunity.

Good faith sample Complete Mission 6: Dead stories.

Lanzate through the window Complete Mission 7: Beauty and Beast.

Outstanding in effort Complete Mission 4: Marathon.

Confrontation Complete Mission 9: Father’s Day.

Point of no return Complete mission 10: Faith.

Imagination or reality Complete Mission 11: Liberation.

Superdetective Gather all lost stories.

Welcome to the Jungle Complete mission 2: a less ship.

Deluge Complete mission 3: echoes.

Back Complete the new game+.

Stony summits Complete Mission 8: Devan.

Stealthy which ninja Kill 10 enemies in a row without detecting you.

Have a good trip Complete mission 1: relax cruise.


The power to the people Improve the shotgun.

Mutilation to the flight Kill a jump in full jump.

Bumerran effect Kill 10 spitors with a remote weapon.

Perdigones Festival Get the shotgun.

In search of the lost rope Get the rope.

Scaler Get the arpeo.

Through the mist Get the gas mask.

Light carrier Get the military flashlight.

Amateur photographer Get the camera.

Quiet death Improve the gun.

The Narapela butcher Kill 10 butchers.

Armed and ready Get the gun.

Voice command Get the two -way radio.

ABC of Zombies Matanza Kill 50 zombies with a melee combat weapon.

The Narapela massacre Kill a total of 100 zombies.

I killed them well dead… It finishes 25 zombies shot down.

Horror stories Gather all research newspapers.

The first in row Improve your melee combat weapon a third time… ˇ Take already!

The puppeteer Gathers all the charan’s records.

A real weapon Improve your member combat weapon.

Postcards collector Gather all postcards.

The man of the ax Improve your member combat weapon.

The past, the past is Gather all snapshots.

Severe trauma Acquire your first melee combat weapon.

Loaded and prepared Gather 25 ammunition packages.

Bleeding Kill 10 zombies with short -distance shots with the shotgun.

Conviction Kill 5 enemies in 2 seconds.

Lince eye Kill 25 zombies with a shot in the head with the gun.

Lethal arts Kill 25 zombies stealthily.

be quiet! Kill 5 shouts while they are screwing.

To the limit Recover all your health from the minimum level.

Avant -garde Improve your weapon to kill.

Varied buffet Hurt a zombie with the gun melee, the gun and the shotgun and then kill him stealthily.

Surprise murderer Get your first weapon to kill.

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