Epic Mickey 2 cheats: The return of two heroes – PS3 – Cheat codes, guides

Can I have an alcor of that? Won all the trophies in the game


Perfectionist All searches ended

Collection. Pointy expert He collected 176 collectible pins

Garden of statues Woke up to each spirit


How much bigger they are… Defeated the mechanical creation of Prescott

Defeat the dragon Defeated the Blotworx dragon

Dress to impress He collected each costume

At the height to enter You defeated the new attraction of doctor crazy

Team photographer He got all Adele’s photos from the official places for photographs

Fans He collected all 2D movie rolls

Charming prince He became friends with 100 enemies

Dissolve Destroyed 100 enemies

Out of track Closed the four train stations


Who left them there? Rescued all the Gremlins

Perfect photography Has the three photographs of Metairie

Fortified He looked for a path through the strong páramo

Projector corrector Restarted the substation of rainbow cataracts

Run on the autotopia track A autotopia race ended

Defensive Prescott Persecuted Prescott at the Floatyard

Pillos gallery Photographed each enemy

Support criticism Passed through the stain alley by any medium

Siphon… If i were… He faced all the siphon guardians

Out of favor He entered the angel cataracts, left Diablo Cataracts

Disguised Changed costumes for the first time

The new Oswald impetus The dark beauty castle with two players ended

Dedicated col. of pins Found 88 collectible pins

Collection. Pointy apprentice Acquired a collectible pin for the first time

clear! Mickey revived Oswald in cooperative mode

Not so Sleepy Hollow He revealed every surprise of the gap in the trunk

Things are improving He opened the road to Callejón Mancha

Play along Solved the problem of the Ostown solvent

Pioneer He faced the Disney ravine

Make your own way He ignored the suggestions of Daisy and Smee

Triptych Repaired the 3 dioramas

Proven in laboratory The Yen Sid laboratory ended

Mouse tunnel Played in each corridor

Carcacha Destroyed 50 enemies

Walking on Min streets Navigated in the two halves of MIN Street

Heroes of the Páramo Built both statues in Ostown

We have spirit, ˇSí, this is! Woke up a spiritCheer up Equal Seth’s flowers to the Ostown statue

A desire to a star He painted each star and comet in Yen Sid’s laboratory

Construction zone Went through the construction area of the country of adventure

Superstar Callejón Mancha He became friends with the Blotworx and helped Pedrootrónic

Fulfill the program Reprogrammed a beetleworx

Your conscience will be your guide He found a path through the rainbow caverns

Recycle He became friends with 50 enemies

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