Dust Cheats: An Elysian Tail – PS4 – Cheat codes, Guides

Mithrarin Wake up


The things of legends Win a four -star rating in all challenge sands.

Beyond the call Complete the game with the hard or extreme level.

The opposite of failing Complete all Fale’s missions.

Blue bomber Kill 6 enemies at the same time with a single bomb.

More of the same Successfully completed a +1000 impacts.

The dozen Time passes with 12 friends in the sanctuary.



The death carrier Kill 500 enemies.

Cutting it by hairs Successfully rejects less than 10% remaining health.

…And Dust settled. Expires General Cayo.

Life water Buy Lady Tethys.

Disabled Expires Fuse.

A decent beginning… Successfully completed a +200 impacts.

Silence those weapons. Destroy all the enemy savings.


Distant thunder Use Dust’s storm in Fidget projectiles.

Push and turn Unlock a treasure chest.

Model Decides not to put poison ivy in Gianni’s casting.

Renegade Make chaos reign putting poison ivy in Gianni casting

Salvador de Falana Complete 20 parallel missions.

Wait, you are not…? Unlock a cage and rescue a friend.

Bad therapist Annoy Matti.

Falana hero Complete 10 parallel missions.

Fallana’s friend Complete 5 parallel missions.

How sad act like this Kill an enemy with a sliding attack.

One last desire Make the desire for snow bopo come true.

An impressive collection Win a four -star rating in any challenge sand.

The blacksmith’s passage Gather with Haley.

With a lot of power… Level up by assigning skill gems.

On the right track. Get a skill orb.

Tinsmith Manufactures objects from a design.

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