LEGO MARVEL TRICKS Avengers – Wii U – Cheat codes, Guides


Minikit detector Jyjafx

Fast Build 5MZ73E

A-bomb 2K8QCG

Amadeus Cho 3ZDB2W

Bengal 8HG9HC

Butter Ball MJNFAJ

Chase 93NNGB

Cottonmouth BTS8M6

Nefaria Count ZNck2S

Diamondback UNECSY

Finalsse Wu9ybf

Firebird Rabvv7

Iron Man (Mark 33 Silver Centurion) 4AKZ4G

Mantis M562MB

Quasar N4yanb

Skaar Mfupe7


Striker XP9QX9

Swordsman R9CWTF

Thunderstrike JWRGP4

Tigra D4rreh

Veil A7BRT4

Quinjet (Mini) 9kfj7a

Exceeds the history of avengers with this video guide.

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