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Pause the game and hold L1, R1, L2 and R2 to activate the trick mode. You will have access to all cheats, but it will change the possibility of getting achievements.Easy money: Write fiction novels on your computer until you win enough ability to write romantic novels. Once you write one of this genre you will receive rayalties for six weeks, and if even more powers of writing skills you can do 40.000 Simoleons per week, approximately.

Save money and increase Sim capabilities: To save money you can buy and sell your products on the same day, they will have the same value. In this way you can use store products to improve your character at no cost.

Change name: to change your name, go to the map and enter City Hall. If you enter during the day from 8:00 a.m.m. at 9:00 p.m. the option will automatically come out.

SIMOLOGY MASTER Unlock other trophies.


Working miracles Fulfill 1000 wishes.


Big Fulfill a lifetime desire.

Authentic wealth Win 250.000 lifetime happiness points for a SIM.

Children’s prodigy Fulfill a lifelong desire before reaching the stage of young adult.

Architectural mastery Build a house with a property value of at least 350.000 § In a large plot.

Public danger Become a public threat.

Total challenge Complete 100 challenges.

Great skill Complete any 10 milestones from the skill newspaper.

Overflowing power Unlock all the powers of Karma Good acquiring them with challenge points.

Friends at work Become the best friendship of the boss and all the work companies.

master’s degree Achieve level 10 of a skill.

Moving Move to a new house.

Big challenge Complete 150 challenges.

The great marriage proposal Commit.

Genius Win 150.000 lifetime happiness points for a SIM.

Master with desires Fulfill 100 wishes.


Partners in crime Become part of the partners of the exemplary private personnel warehouse.

Brutal ability Complete any 2 milestones from the skill newspaper.

That new car smell Buy a car.

Ascend Reach level 5 of a profession.

ˇ It is flammable! Turn off a flame.

Not twice, but 10 Complete 10 opportunities.

Absolute failure Using Karma’s power absolute failure over 13 offsessing sims that are not from your family.

Love specialist Start 5 romantic relationships.

Food worthy of a king Perfect a perfect meal.

for me! Buy a commercial property in the city.

Taste for fire Receive an insurance check of more than 15.000 § After using the power of Karma Fire Storm.

Nothing to die SIM resurrect.

Botanical perfection Cultivate a perfect plant.

Powerful Knight, Don Simoleon Raise the value of your domestic unit to 35.000 § or more.

The perfection made fish Fish a perfect fish.

Wishes fulfilled Fulfill 10 wishes.

Happiness happiness Get 5 Simultaneous positive states in a SIM.

Step by step Create a domestic unit.

The first love never forgets Have the first kiss.

Surreal Live a surrealist situation.

It’s a date Have a date.

ˇ The cranks have come! Welcome the family to a child.

SIM in the city Attend an event in the city.

Night adventure Explore the catacombs after dusk.

Challenge Complete 50 challenges.

Author or author SIM Write a book.

ˇMejor friendship forever! Make a better friendship.

Epic party Give an impressive party.

Decision power Karma’s power.

Creating style Design and save 20 styles using a style.

What? Learn charisma.

ˇˇIqui ńiqui! Make ńiqui ńiqui.

Graduation Complete the game tutorial.

Be excellent with others Achieve the maximum possible karma level.

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