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New categories in the sound test



3 assistance trophies

Unlock all assistance trophies.


Unlock all the characters.

Kirby copy skills

Unlock all the characters.


Unlock the boss battles and the All-Star.

Enemies and Heads of Subspace

Complete the subspacial emissary.

Random -level selection

To unlock the random level selection, you need to unlock all levels with the additional rules activated.

Unlock hidden assistance trophies



Advance WS Assistance Trophy

Play 300 Brawls.

Barbara assistance trophy

Unlock 25 cds or more.

Gray Fox Assistance Trophy

Unlock Snake.

Isaac assistance trophy

Play 200 Brawls.

RAY MK III Assistance Trophy

Play 100 Brawls.

Shadow The Hedgehog assistance trophy

Unlock Sonic The Hedgehog.

Unlock more rules

To unlock more rules, get 200 kos in Standard Brawl mode.

Unlock the challenges of the virtual console



Donkey Kong

Exceeds 10 hours of play.


Expires Sse using Captain Falcon.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Use the Toon Link more than 10 times.

Super Mario USA

Win in the Versus mode with Peach more than 5 times.

Super Mario World

Play in Yoshi Melee’S island more than 3 times.

Unlockable events



Cooperative event 21

Complete all cooperative events by default.

Cooperative events 14-20

Complete 10 cooperative events and unlock all the hidden characters.

Cooperative events 9-13

Complete the level of subspace in adventure mode.

Cooperative event 41

Complete 40 events.

Events 11-20

Complete 7 events.

Events 21-28

Complete the level of subspace in adventure mode.

Events 29-40

Unlock all the hidden characters.

Unlockable modes



All-Star mode

Unlock all the hidden characters.

Boss Battle mode

Complete the subspacial emissary.

Unlockable levels




Fight like Donkey Kong 20 times.

Big Blue (Melee)

Fight as Captain Falcon 10 times.

Flat Zone 2

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.

Great Sea

Unlock the Toon Link.

Green Greens

Fight like Kirby in versus mode 20 times.

Green Hill Zone

Unlock Sonic.


Complete event 28.

Jungle Japes

Play at a Melee level 10 times in versus mode.

Luigi’s Mansion

Fight with Luigi 3 times.

Mario Bros

Exceeds challenge 19.

PokéMon Stadium

Play in the Pokémon stadium 2 10 times in versus mode.

Spear Pillar

Complete level 25 in event mode.

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