Cheats Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Start with the company

If you want to surprise your opponent and start fighting with your companion in a Tag game, hold L1 on the prepare for the next battle or “Get Ready for the Next Battle”.


Rest, my heart of ironhas won an equalized game in the online mode my heart of iron won a player game in the painful painful pains fighting 3 times in the online modeThe phases of arcade mode with the help of a company

Solitary Warrior Speed All phases of the arcade mode fighting Sololuchador Tenazhas cattle 3 team fighting in the offline mode superveloceshas completed counterreloj in offline mode in less than 20 minutes maintennator a tanguer a total of 1000Your rhythm changed background music with TekkenˇCombot music, firm!You have passed phase 1 of the fighting ˇcompot laboratory, go ahead!You have passed phase 2 of the fighting laboratoryˇCombot, attacks!You have passed phase 3 of the fighting laboratoryˇCombot, annihilate!You have passed Phase 4 of the Perfect Luhajugador Laboratory won a fight without receiving Secret Dam3 Low rejections of UKEMIHAS MADE 3 FLYING UKEMIMATÓN MAD

TAG assault teacher You have made 10 tag assaults master tag assault

True friendship you have made 3 tagˇmira shocks where you are!You have broken a soil, they broken reforms a wallˇgerónimo!You have broken a balcónesquiva the flying heads escaped from the “spam bomb” movement of alisatococado but it has not sunk you have wet your torso in the Fallen Gardenmala phase appointments lying on a lady to the pond in the Eternal Paradise phase


ˇAquí is Vanquisher!You have achieved the vanquisher rank in the offline mode proof of your existence won 10 fights in a row in offline mode

Cinephilohas unlocked the final videos of 40 charactersˇCombot, return to the base!You have passed Phase 5 of the Laboratory of Large Gladiator you have won a fight when you were practically komultimillonariohas won more than 10.000.000 g In total lucky lunator won 3 Surprising boxes Crazy Crazy Hasted more than 62 damage in an air combo Best friend made 3 Tag launches specific of impressive compañeropasosha


ˇ Contact the Tekken Lord!You have become the Tekken Lord in the offline Super Combot DX mode unlocked the entire content of the fighting laboratory

Platinum ˇ Waste the Spirit of Tekken!Get the rest of the game trophies

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