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Cheats and secrets

Play with Miharu: Complete the story mode with Ling Xiaoyu and then, when starting a new game, put on your image on the character selection screen and click circle. Miharu’s control is equal to Xiaoyu.

Play with panda: just like before but pressing a circle or triangle on the image of Kuma.

Play with Violet: To play with this character you will have to press Circle on Lee on the characters selection screen.

Play with Eddy Gordo: Complete the story mode with Christie Monteiro. Then all you have to do is, when starting a new game, putting on the image of Christie and pressing a triangle. In this way you will start a game like Eddy Gordo whose combat techniques are equal to those of Christie.

Dojo scenario: To get this new stage, he manages to finish the Tekken Force with any of the characters.

Ling Xiaoyu dress: If you want to play with Ling Xiaoyu dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, complete the story mode with ling xiaoyu and then, when starting a new game, put on your image and press Triangle.

Name of the blows: To get the name of the blows you are using, during the game, hold the “Select” button, in this way you will see the name of all the blows you make.

Theater Mode: you will get it completing the story mode. Here you can see all the videos of the characters’ finals.

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