Cheats London 2012 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


To my way a personalized list and plays it.

Equipate spirit your personal brand in team arc or in synchronized jumps.

Friendly competition wins an event mode with four players competing.

Aspiring Clasif. For the final of an event in the Olympic Games mode.

gold!Win a gold medal in Olympic Games mode.

Completoclassify athlete for the final in all the events of an Olympic Games campaign.

Campaja successfully 20 medals in a single field of Olympic Games.

Personal improvement a retenting record, get a better result to the previous one and ends in the top three.

Mundobate champion a world record.

Breaking bounds hit your own personal brand in all possible male events.

To the last Alternative National Kit in an event.

Competitive spirit completes a multiplayer game representing a country.

No penalizations complicated the path of Kayak K-1 masculine without penalties and representing a country.

RASANTETOCA flight in height jump and get over it successfully.

Fast and painful the last fence and wins a medal at 110 m fences.

Review Competition A race for 0.07 seconds or less.

Portentous arm makes 10 special auctions in a table tennis match.

Marathon runner travels a distance of 42,195 km. Throughout your career.

Failures in bulkomete 30 fouls in field events throughout your career.

I will take out 10 unbeatable serves throughout your career.

Social Sports JUGA to an in line with one or more friends.

Against the entire world an online tournament.

ˇ National Gloria!Play a quick game or personalized online game for the markers of national glory.

Glorious results earn a total of 5 gold medals in fast games or personalized online games.

The Magnificent Four completes a group of challenges with 4 players.

Animator to present 2 players or more in a race, be the first to ask for the support of the public.


Team player wins 3 gold medals in team events.

Kits collector unlocks all available sports accessories.


PERFECTAGAN SCORE 10 PTS. or more per Diana in 1 Round of fast shooting pistol 25 m representing a country.

Game, set and game a gold medal in all events versus representing a country.

Expert handle a gold medal in all shooting events representing a country.

Gimnasta from Elitegana A gold medal in all gymnastics events representing a country.

Legend of the Saltoagana a gold medal in all jumping events representing a country.

Born to run a gold medal in each of the 4 types of track events.

Human catapult a gold medal in all launch events representing a country.

Anfibiogana a gold medal in the 5 types of swimming events.

Breaking Disasda to all the objectives of Station 4 in Olympic Tire.

Unbeatable wins a table tennis game or beach volleyball without losing a point.

As a fish in the water, get a judge of jumps to give you a perfect ten.

ˇOro, gold, gold!Win 9 stars challenge in a single group of challenges.

Without Achilles heel each player achieves more points of the percentage necessary to win 3 stars (events in challenges).


24 carat campaign wins gold in all events of an individual or difficult Olympic Games campaign.

Challenging all the challenges groups.


Platinum trophy unlocks all trophies

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