Cheats God of War III – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Extra modes

Olympus challenges: Complete the game.

Combat sand : Complete all challenges.

Unlockable treasures

Chaos difficulty: Complete any difficulty level.

Sayable Kratos suit: Complete any difficulty level.

Trophies Requirements
Amazed (gold) Complete the labyrinth without dying.
Are you horny to win? (Silver) Collect all the minotaur horns.
Bloody Hell (bronze) Cover Kratos in 500 gallons of blood killing enemies.
Burnt to a Crisp (bronze) Get the Apollo arch.
Eye Candy (Silver) Collect all Gorgon’s eyes.
Feather Plucker (Silver) Gather all phoenix feathers.
Freezer Burn (silver) Collect the boreas ice torment.
Handy Man (Bronze) Cut the hand of Gaia.
Hit man (bronze) Make a combo of more than 1000 blows.
Hitting Your Stride (Bronze) Upload any weapon to the next level.
Hooker (Silver) Kill Hades.
I DIDN’T DO IT … But i wish i did (bronze) Kill the Princess of Poseidon.
It’s getting hot in here … (bronze) Burns 100 enemies with Apollo’s arch.
King of the Hill (Platinum) Unlock all trophies.
Ladies Man (Bronze) Entreate to Aphrodite.
Maxed Out! (Silver) Level up all weapons completely.
Mr. Hand (bronze) Discover the secret camera of Hades arm.
Nice Tan (Bronze) Blind 100 enemies with the head of Helios.
No Guts, No Glory (Bronze) Detripes 3 General Centaur.
Obedience School (Bronze) Give 50 kicks to dogs.
Open Sesame (Bronze) Open the doors of Tisiphone.
Priceless (gold) Collect all divine possessions.
Rescue me (bronze) Save Pandora.
Remuneration (silver) Kill Zeus.
Rip One! (Bronze) Cut in two to a sentinel of Olympus.
Seeing Things from a different perspective (silver) Solve the Garden of Hera.
Shine Lord (Bronze) Kill Helios.
Shoe Delivery (Bronze) Kill Hermes and get his boots.
Sibling rivalry (silver) Kill Hercules.
Soured Out (Bronze) Invokes all souls with Hades’s claws.
Three Wise Men (Bronze) Solve the three judges.
Titan Slayer (Silver) Kill Cronos.
Unahuman (gold) Complete the titan mode.
Up to the challenge (gold) Complete the challenge of Olympus.
Vengeance Complete (Gold) Complete the game.

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