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Do you have problems with God of War II? Follow this video guide to help Kratos in his revenge.


Do you have problems with the first God of War? Follow this video guide to help Kratos in his revenge.

God of War trophies


Zeus trophy Unlock all God of War® trophies.


The speed of Jason McDonald Complete the game in less than 5 hours in any difficulty.

I will accept the physical challenge Complete the challenge of the gods.

you have a gift! The Hades Picas Column Scale without suffering damage.

Get ready to be a god Complete the game on any difficulty.

The keychain Collect all muse cheat codes.


Kratos marble collection Collect all Gorgon’s eyes.

The legend of the twins Look at the “birth of the beast” treasure.

Sicario 2 Get a 200 blow combo.

The power to kill a god Recover Pandora’s box.

Head hunter Get the head of the architect’s wife.

God’s killer Kill Ares.

Take the bull by the horns Expires to the guardian of Pandora.This is big Recover Captain’s key.

ˇPon on the hat! Gather all phoenix feathers.

Seeing in red Maximize all your weapons and magic.


A good wiggle Complete the sex minigame.

Biting the dust Dies so many times to offer you the easy way.

Hitman Get a 100 blow combo.

1.21 gigawatts Get the poseidon anger.

Bring me a beer, go Escapes the depths of Hades.

Wet Kiss the Náyade.Well cooked Offers the sacrifice to Poseidon.

Start up Complete Atlas’s challenge.

Do not leave it hanging Rescue the oracle with 10 seconds from plenty.

Kickboxing fighter Complete the puzzle of the box in the room of the Picas.

Soul search Get the Hades Army.

The best horse is the dead Complete the sacrifice of centaur for Hades.

The Great Sword Get the artemisa sword.

ˇ Why never shut up! Expires desert sirens.

good heavens! Get the fury of Zeus.

turn around… and dies Win the first fight with Cerbero.

Of stone Get the look of Medusa.

Scapegoat Win the first fight with satyr.

Bullfighter Win the first fight with the Minotaur.Zero health = bronze trophy Open a health chest with the full health indicator.

God of War II trophies


Gaia trophy Unlock all God of War® II trophies.


15 minutes fighting scene Open step to the loom camera in less than 10 minutes.

Bleeding thumbs Exceeds the challenge of the Titans.

Feel the urn Collects and uses at least 2 polls of power.

The end begins Complete the game on any difficulty.

The undisputed quality of the German Collect all über chests.


ˇ Hall a pillow! Gather all phoenix feathers.

King of splendor Open the door of the Euríale temple.

Display them Open the wings of the temple of Las Moiras.Álzate and shines Wake up the Phoenix.

Paterna misunderstanding Buy Zeus.

Group of bosses 3 Kill the Kraken and the three sisters of destiny.

Group of bosses 2 Kill King Barbarian, Euríale and Perseus.

Keep an eye out Collect all Gorgon’s eyes.

Group of bosses 1 Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider and Theseus.

Eye with me Collect 20 Cyclops eyes.

The overthrow Maximize all your weapons and magic.


What are you cooking? Solve the riddle of the statue of the Fire Fire.

A big step Level any object.

Whipping wind Get the typhoon’s plague.

Hammer and chisel Petrifies and destroys 30 enemies.

Senseless Cross the fallen half grip bridge.

Work your knees T demad the temple of the Ciénaga of the forgotten.

To whip Fustiga to the coasts of time.

Bothering the weak Win the battle outside the Moiraras Palace.

He shakes his world Get Euríale’s head.

Hard as a rock Win the Titan Minotaur in Atlas.

Shimmering Get the golden fleece.

Resurrection Escape from the timber of Hades.

Blue balls Get the wrath of Cronos.

Heavenly death Expires to the dark rider for the first time.

Great, rugged and rough Get the wrath of the Titans.

Trembling soil Get the Atlas earthquake.

Learn to fly Get the wings of Icaro.

Pure excess Get a 500 blow combo.

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