Cheats God of War: Ascension – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


The game ends and you can start a new + game with new appearances for Kratos. Are the following:

– Skin without ashes- Battle armor of Hades-Armura de Kráken-Armor of Scorpion-Armor of Zeus War Armor

Bronze  Sangrecomplete Pact The multiplayer training in the Olympic escape from the Kratra prison from his imprisonment manuals danding to the infected hand of Egeon Desatadolaza, hits and ramming an enemy grabbed (hooked) overthrowing any magic until the next wheel level and wheelPuzzle of the open rolling crusher of mind the minigame against a juggernaut (giant) ˇ Don’t stop, Malote!Make a 1000 blow -hit combo outside the ring to an enemy with the mace (garrote) serpent to the snake back to the Delphi Tower Exchange tools of exchange the 5 weapons of the environment in combat warm food The minijame against a mantícora fuga of GasridespiraThe smoke from the Oracleid Oraclest!I slow down 100 enemies with the career amulet care, that stained in blood 500 times ˇMiserables!He mistreats the martyr of the Haratónquiro hello, friend uses the stone of oath of Orkos in combat 10 times better in equipment 100 enemies with the stone of oath of orkos tell me how you feel up to 25 enemies using the anger of the gods (fury of the gods) Silver  Bite the hand that feeds you defeat Megara and the Titan Hecatónquiro Tomatethe with Calamamantén the full anger meter for more than 2 minutes ˇadiós, engendro!Defeat to Podux Friends First of all of the ambush of the furies I FOLFUGOCOMPLETE The Archimedes screw without reaching the light fire traps as a penconsign all the feathers of Phoenix Eye by Ojoconsgue all the eyes of Gorgona to the maximomejora to Kratos completely slipped bythe interior of the statue of Apollo without dying justice blindly the eyes of the truth successfully Gold  No, Drake, still hands, get all the artifacts of the game next, by the stairs the Archimedes trial if it is not broken…Reconstruct all destroyed chests Rotocomplete bond the legendari -fold warrior game the game in difficult difficulty Platinum  Champion of the gods get the rest of the game trophies

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