Cheats final fantasy xiii -2 – ps3 – cheat codes, guides


Economy reactivator for spent large guiles in stores


ATUDIDORPORTA to a good number of enemies

Fast assaulting to take the lead and fleet furiously to rivals without hardly giving them time to react

Bitospor orchestrator perform several satisfactorily synchronized attacks

ˇWith a fight enough!For winning every rival that presents combat

Batallapor Director of changing strategy quickly and adapting to the rhythm of combat

A new reality for having aroused a new destination in a world in which everything is different

Trip to Infinitor to have said goodbye to a placid life and leave for the confines of space and time

Faith in the morning to have visited those who await the answers that the future houses

I remember a distant yesterday for having visited those who saved so many people in the past

Challenge to the threat to have renewed the desires to fight for a world that faces an imminent crisis

The proof of truth for having overcome the challenges that the continuum fault hides

Future promises for having turned your back on a placid dream and giving everything to save humanity

Scarlet flagship having elegantly killed a mastodontic rival

Flashing to have given a perfect death to a mastodontic rival

Cerúlea Bad

Chinete Chocobopor having traveled long distances on the back of a chocobo

Bank terror for having achieved abundant chips in the casino


Energetic hunter for having defeated a huge number of monsters

ˇMonstros to me!For having defeated all rivals worth fighting

Multidimensional spectator for having seen all paradoxical outcomes

Fragments pawn by completing a category of fragments

Active spectator for having won 5 awards with interactive sequences

Personal development for having perfected all skills


Brutal (hidden) impact for causing 99.999 Damage points to a single rival

Pattern of the fragments for having obtained all classes of fragments

Medal for honor for having broken a very powerful rival playing clean and on equal terms

Fantastic invoker to have recruited a very elusive monster for your group

Protector of diachrony for having reached the end of the adventure

Master of time for having achieved the best possible results in the fight that decides the destiny of the world


Hope without limits consists of the rest of the game trophies

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