Secret weapons and armor

There are several secret locations that can be visited with the flying nave by entering passwords in the browser. These codes are deciphering messages in the language to the Bhed that we find in Spira places. They are the following (all in capital letters).

Auron Murasame Me weaponMurasame

Rikku Godhand weaponGodhand

Rikku Victorious armorVictorious

New eons

There are three optional eons that you can have. To do this, get the rest of eons (of history) and have the heavenly mirror.

Anima Collect all the objects of the temples and enter Baaj

Magus sisters Defeat Belgimene’s eones and use the heavenly mirror to open the remium temple door.

Yojimbo Complete the challenges in the cave located near the plain of calm.

New attack for Valefor

Valefor has a second devastating overdrive attack that you can get when Yuna returns to your team (after some incidents in history). Return to Besaid and talk to a child who has a dog, near the temple, and will give you an item that you can use so that you learn energy blast. If the girl is not close to the temple, look inside the object store.

Energy Blast offers more destructive power, although Valefor takes longer to recover.

Secret locations

When you get the flying sailing, you can introduce manual coordinates on a map to visit Spira points. Some places will have a chest with rewards, others will give you access to a new temple.

Baaj temple X = 11-16, y = 57-63

Battlefield X = 39-47, y = 56-60

Besaid cataracts X = 29-32, y = 73-76

Ruins mi’ihen X = 33-36, y = 55-60

Omega ruins X = 69-75, y = 33.38

Sanubia Arenas X = 12-16, y = 41-45

Cheap yojimbo

When you find Yojimbo, wait for you to make an offer. When I tell you, give half plus 1 gil to force it to reduce its offer and raise yours in 1 gil, with which it will go down again. From this moment he will not accept any much lower, so give him between 5000 and 10000 giles less than his figure (he will be around 190.000).

If it does not work, repeat the process by uploading your amounts a bit.

In case of having a lot.

Bhed alphabet

The Albhed people speak an invented language that simply consists of replacing the letters of the words with others. In the game you will find dictionaries that decipher the subtitles, but if you do not have them and want to see what they are telling you, here are the key.

Letter A corresponds to the Y.Letter B corresponds to the P.Letter C corresponds to the l.Letter D corresponds to the t.Letter E corresponds to the A.Letter F corresponds to the V.Letter G corresponds to the K.Letter H corresponds to the R.Letter I corresponds to the E.Letter J corresponds to the Z.Letter K corresponds to the G.The letter l corresponds to the M.The letter m corresponds to the S.Letter N corresponds to H.The letter or corresponds to the U.The letter p corresponds to the B.The letter Q corresponds to the X.Letter R corresponds to the N.The letter s corresponds to the C.The letter t corresponds to the D.The letter u corresponds to the i.Letter V corresponds to the J.The letter w corresponds to the F.Letter X corresponds to the Q.The letter and corresponds to the o.Letter Z corresponds to the W.

For each language it is different. For example, if you are playing with English subtitles, it is as follows:

A = e b = p c = s d = t e = i f = w g = k h = n i = u j = v k = g l = c m = l n = r o = y p = b q = x r = h s = m t = d u = or v = f w = z x = q y =A Z = J

Bronze Don of Languasencuentra a dictionary albhedrabajo in teamogana a correct blitzbollo match the test of kissing during the main story, on the island Besaiddetos de Ladronasacion steals 200 times with rikkutodas to unareĂșne to all the members of the group Fibra sensitive the scene of the appointment in the waterBlitzboldelanteroA -reappereAt the same money, the money is all to yojimboatque deltaconsiguigigo to the sisters MaguscinĂ©filocompra all the spheres of the auditorium of Lucajinete.999 Damage points with a single cover of cover up to 100.000 guiles or more in the past messenger bribes get all Jecht spheresSilver Supreme Coup 99.999 Damage points with a single attack ChocoBoconsue 5 chests in the Chocobo race of the Remiem Temple and wins the Carmaestro of the spheres.EONSMAESTRO OF THE WEAPONS CONSCUGUE ALL THE WEAPONS OF THE 7 ASTROSE THE END OF A VIAJECONTEMPLA ETERNAL CALM.Gold Philologist encloses the 26 albhedamo dictionaries of the spheres. The development of all the main charactersPlatinum To complete all the trophies of the game

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