Cheats Duke Nukem Forever – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


To activate the cheats of Duke Nukem Forever we must finish the game at different levels of difficulty. Then, the cheats (or galleries) can be activated within the extra menu.

CONCEPTUAL ART: The game ends at an easy or superior level.Development agenda: the game ends at an easy or higher level.Rayo freezer of Duke Nukem 3D: ends the game in normal or superior.Duke sounds: the game ends in easy or superior.Adjust game speed: the game ends at normal or higher level.Black and white mode: the game ends at a normal or higher level.Change headpiece: the game ends in easy or superior.Infinite ammunition: the game ends in normal or superior.Instagib (single -shot deaths): the game ends in normal or superior.Invincible: the game ends in normal or superior.Mirror mode (Reves graphics): The game ends in normal or superior.Kinematic gallery: the game ends in easy or superior.Screens: the game ends in easy or superior.OFFICE PHOTOS: The game ends in easy or superior.


I need an appointment: look to the last page of a calendar in the campaign mode.

Laughter bottle: bébete a beer in the campaign mode.

Champions Breakfast: Consume steroids in campaign mode.

ˇ It has a hologram!: Use a holoduke in campaign mode.

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Trag all the credits until the end.


Nobody likes Los Lloricas: the actor leaves meaninglessly on the set of the program.

Torito Bravo: Kill 6 aliens with the lift truck.

Ńam, ńam: zampate 10 edible snacks in campaign mode.

Natural trisastre: kills 3 aliens at once.

On the ground is better: it suffers 10 demolition.

Shit thief: finds and steals a nozzle.

I need a towel: 10 pregnator pumps splash your screen.

Adhesive pump: place a proximity mine in a living alien.

Big: Straight 5 sacks or alien shots.

Garabatos: Sharbatea something on the board in the campaign mode.

Drug abuse: Mixer beer with steroids (or vice versa) in campaign mode.

Animal party: bébete all beers of the Striptease Club.

Fishing: kills all siluros at the level under water.

Compańía barrel: Open the secret closet at the end of the crossroads.

Cyclops of the balls: defeat the cycloid.

Mortífera utility: kills 10 aliens with environmental explosives.

Karrilete: Kill 10 aliens throwing things.

Stepid Fort: Pisa 12 aliens.

Judge, jury and executioner: executes 20 aliens.

Chanchullero: Kill 10 aliens with proximity mines.

ˇ Give yourself!: Kill 15 frozen aliens.

Death on wheels: kills 15 aliens with the truck.

ˇ Pissed! ˇDuke crushes!: Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks under the effects of steroids.

Baron von Nukem: T demad down 20 aliens fighters.

Sucked: Complete the campaign mode in easy difficulty.

Extermination: Kill 50 aliens.

Retientamelones: kills 30 aliens by shooting them in the lead.

Machace them all: win an alien abortion game at the Striptease Club.

Titus champion: defeats the titan of Las Vegas.

Cabezacubo: Find the 3 helmets in campaign mode.

Aniquilación: Kill 100 aliens.

Nuclear devastation: Kill 250 aliens.


Call waiting: Listen to all telephone messages.

“Air” Duke: Win an Air Hockey 7-0 game at the stripclub.

Steel balls: get 1,000,000 points in a pinball in campaign mode.

I am the most male: discover all ego rewards.

Pistolero: carries the gold gun throughout the campaign mode.

It is not bad for a human being: defeats the alien queen.

A titanic duel: Defeat the Titan in the dam.

Matapulpos: Defeat the octopoid.

Kill the bug: defeat the saucejuela of energy.

Let’s give them: Complete the campaign mode in medium difficulty.


Come, what am I going to give you: the campaign mode in difficult difficulty.

I am the host: Complete the campaign mode in disental difficulty.


Salvador del Universo: get all trophies.

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