Cheats Captain America: Supersolded – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


Classic suit Finish all the challenges with gold medal or get 25.000 intelligence points.

Ultimate 1940 Rescue 5 soldiers.

Isaiah Bradley Rescue 10 soldiers

American agent Rescue 20 soldiers.

Bucky Barnes Rescue 15 soldiers


Agility under pressure you have achieved a perfect synchronization by jumping 5 platforms

Hunting snipers you have defeated 25 snipers

The four fallen knocked out to 4 enemies at once by throwing the shield with the focus ability

Hostileha fire defeated 10 enemies with one turned into a weapon

1st enemy scheme you have achieved the 1st enemy scheme

Deconstruction of the enemy schemes achieved

Sewer rat you have used the 12 sewer tickets

Do you know a head?You have destroyed 50 statues

God? It’s me, Zemo have achieved the 1st Zemo Diario

24 frames per second you have found a Zola movie

ˇ Explosions to Gogó!You have exploded 500 objects

A wonderful mind13 Keyales Enigma Disentecripted

Sabotage you have made 5 sabotage attempts with éxito

Mortar attack you have directed with éxito 3 mortar attacks

Contact the boys you have found and used 5 radios from the headquarters

Eggmanhas achieved 50 ceramic eggs

Intelligence points you have achieved 1776 intelligence points

Trinchera foot you have completed the prologue "ˇPasen and see!"

Together, but not scrambled you have completed Chapter 1 "Together, but separately"

Late notice you have completed chapter 2 "The flamenco farm"

Trojan splinters you have completed chapter 3 "The wooden horse"

The postalhas completed chapter 4 "The secret trip"

Completely operational you have completed chapter 5 "Great and red"

Existential dilemma You have completed Chapter 6 "Camus and La Mosca"

MYTHS HOMéRicoshas completed Chapter 7 "Icaro and déDalo"

In the laboratory you have completed chapter 8 "Have"

Landing you have completed chapter 9 "The longest yard"

The tamed fierecilla you have completed chapter 10 "Do not get the gunpowder"

A very pleasant walk you have completed chapter 11 "They were expendable"

Not losing the trainhas completed chapter 12 "Red Ball Express"

NATURAL RESOURCES You have completed Chapter 13 "The rear room"

Altibajo have completed chapter 14 "Hell is for HéRoes"

Maintaining the note Altahas completed chapter 15 "When trumpets shut up"

Destroy tanks you have completed chapter 15 "Church in time"

Science and belief you have completed chapter 17 "The first of a few"

Créditos, sweets CréDitoys seen all the CRéditos until the end

Testing the waters completed the first challenge

Tourist completed all challenges

GOGÓHAS challenges unlocked all challenges

Marking trends you have achieved the first gold medal in the challenges

Medallero you have obtained 50% of the gold medals in the challenges

ˇ In all mouth!You have made 50 atrocious attacks


Back to the beginning you have defeated 101 soldiers

101 enemies101 Advanced enemies defeated

Goodbye to neighborhoods destroyed all antia batterieséReas

Two hands and a sword you have achieved all Zemo’s diaries

Symphony of imageshas achieved all Zola movies


HéRoe Star Star You have achieved 25.000 intelligence points

A full day you have completed chapter 18 "Did the day have gone well?"

Better impossible you have obtained 100% of the gold medals in the challenges


The first avenger gets the rest of the game trophies

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