Call of Juarez cheats: Bound in Blood – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Trophies Requirements
99 scalps Make 99 shots in the head.
Act i Complete the first act.
Act II Complete the second act.
Act III Complete the third act.
Act IV Complete the fourth act.
Arkansas Fried Rooster Stop 10 chickens with dynamite.
Between there are and grass The game ends at least in the average difficulty.
Boy Scout A complementary adventure ends.
Catchr in the Rye In chapter 2, in the field, kill enemy soldiers with knives without being detected.
Crime Does Pay Win 5 rounds like an out of the law.
Crowbait The game ends at least in easy difficulty.
D-Day In chapter 1, destroy the rafts before they reach land.
Drive-by Kill 5 enemies about your horse.
Fireworks Shoot 2 dynamite cartridges in the middle of the air.
Frang Steal Kill all enemies in a single mode of cooperative concentration.
High Noon Kill 4 enemies between 12:00 pm and 12.15pm (local time).
Jack of All Trade Play a complete game with each class.
Mad Carpenter Kill 5 enemies with a chair.
Man of the Hood In Chapter 12, playing as Thomas, use only the arc throughout the level.
Mayhem In Chapter 3, he kills 20 armed enemies while driving the diligence.
None Shall Hide Shoot an enemy through a wall.
Pistol Expert Kill 250 people with gun.
Quick Hands  Kill 7 people during a concentration mode.
Remove Ride  In chapter 9, in the elevator, it destroys what they throw you.
Rifle Expert Kill 250 people using rifles.
Rowing-Race Cheater In Chapter 11, he kills all Indians during the persecution in Canoa.
Sharpshoter Destruction In chapter 4, playing like Thomas, kills the shooters in 10 seconds.
Sharpshoter Distraction In Chapter IV, playing as Ray, kills the shooters without Thomas’ help.
Shield of Hope All complementary adventures end.
Shotgun Expert Kill 250 people with shotguns.
Tin Star Win 5 rounds as a man of the law.
Unforgiven Kill 10 enemies as an invincible search.
Vindicator Kill a total of 30 enemies with the mobile machine gun.
WELCOME TO THE FRONTIER A complete Wild West Legends game ends.
Well invest Buy 20 second level improvements and 10 third level improvements.
Yankee Cow In Chapter 2, don’t kill the cow.
Been There, Done That Play a complete Wild West Legends game at each level.
Curly Wolf  The game ends at the difficult level.
Gotta Catch’em All Collect all secrets.
Magnificent Thirteen Unlock all classes.
ON THE RIGHT TRACK  Get a total of 200.000 $ to unlock silver weapons in multiplayer.
Ray’s Story Each chapter plays as Ray.
Thomas’ Story Each chapter plays like Thomas.
Untouchable Each chapter ends, except 6 and 8, without being severely injured.
Forgive Me, Lord Kill 2.000 enemies.
Goldrush! Get a total of 1.000.000 $ to unlock gold weapons in multiplayer.
Old West Legend The game ends in very difficult mode.
Ace of Spades Get all game trophies.

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