Cheats Call of Juarez: The Cartel – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides


Fragments eliminates 10 enemies using grenades throughout the game.

Driving classes at least 10 enemies ramming them with a vehicle.

Weapons, many weapons use 10 different weapons to end the enemies.

poplar!Enter 10 rooms with equipment entrance.

Chain reaction eliminates at least 20 enemies by exploiting nearby vehicles.

Dental Mint at least 10 enemies with a melee attack with weapons.

What happens to me, doctor?Relive a wounded in cooperative mode five times.

Pistoleroelimina to 20 enemies with two -hands firearms.

Warm down 20 vehicles throughout the game.

No business two secret agendas.

Look at the disco level observes the dancers for at least 30 seconds.

Police Academy ends the first level of the game.

Protect and serve you end with any civil in the market during the persecution of Juan.

Rain of bullets shoots more than 1000 bullets at the ghost city level.

Cabrabusca staircase the movie “Cabra staircase” (Ladder Goat) at the strength level.

Do not lose the train successfully manages the passage of the train at the level of Juan Chase.

Alba Vardense witnesses the destruction of the ship at the spring level.

Rubber duck success in the car off the road at the level of convoy.

ˇThe border crossed us!Cross the border between Mexico and the US.UU.

Wild west enters the ghost town.

Have you seen that?Destroys 5 helicopters in a player’s mode.

Armerodesblock at least 10 new weapons in the main mode.

Dodge bullet avoids all rockets during persecution by the highway at a difficult level.

Corrupting Police 15 Secret Objects.

Bighorngana little at least one competitive game.

UrrCarCoge 75% of the secrets of the game without being captured.

ˇNail’d it!The persecution by car ends at the level of the plantations without the car receiving too many damage.

Maloelimina boy at least 40 enemies in the gang bang mission.

Berserkerelimina at least 3 enemies at the same time while you are seriously injured.

Mortal Ballet During three cooperative game, make sure everyone scores at least one death during a team entrance.

Only at dangerlimina at least 3 enemies between 12:00 and 12:05 local time.

Road patrol drives any vehicle for more than 20 miles.

Inter -institutional work group, stop a mission with two other living players.

move on! Moving!Eliminates 30 enemies using the equipment coverage technique.

Slomomata at least 4 enemies in concentration mode.

Spy vs spy in cooperative mode, avoid 10 times to be done with secret objects.

Texas Rangerdeja Ko to 20 enemies only with your fourths.

In Marchadispara 50 enemies while you are going.


Brain surgery eliminates 50 enemies with head shots.

ˇDea, hands up!Complete the game playing as Eddie Guerra.

ˇFbi! Do not move!Complete the game playing as Kim Evans.

ˇPolly, everyone on the ground!Complete the game playing as Ben McCall.

Be there, do that at least one complete round in all maps in competitive mode.

Rio Bravoelimina to 100 enemies using guns.

Time is on my side the 50 enemies while the concentration mode is activated.

Tomb Raider exceeds the cemetery in less than 3 minutes.

Level 21 disburse all weapons in the campaign mode.

Clean thirteen the campaign mode without eliminating any civilians.


Poly well, bad poly and the ugly complete the campaign mode playing with the three characters.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?Complete the campaign mode in difficult.


As of swords get all the trophies of Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

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