Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 – Wii – Cheat codes, Guides, Guides

Extra characters

To unlock them fuses the following items:

100% full power cold: super transformation + cold final form.Android 13: Computer + Hate.Android 13 Fusion: Android 13 + Parts of #14/ #15.Baby Vegeta: Baby + Vegeta (second form).BOJACK: UNSEALED + GALACTIC WARRIOR.Broly: son of Paragus + hate Goku.Broly Legendary Super Saiyan: Super Saiyan Broly + Break the limit.BOLY SUPER SAIYAN: BOLY + SUPER SAIYANBURTER: see it in the story mode.Captain Ginyu: see it in the story mode.Cell Perfect: Self destruction + Perfect cell form.Cooler: Frieza’s brother + hate Goku.CUI: Vegeta rival + cold soldier.Evil Buu: Malvada León Ball + Majin Buufinal Form Cooler: Super Transformation + Cooler.Frien: see it in the story mode.Garlic Jr. Demonic Star + Dead Zone.Gohan Super Buu: Gohan Absorbed + Evil Buu.Gotenks Super Buu: Gotenks Absorbed + Evil Buu.Great Air Baby: Super Baby 2 + Artificial Blutz Wave.Great Ape Bardock: Power Ball + Bardock.Great Air Nappa: Power Ball + Nappa.Great Ape Raditz: Power Ball + Raditz.Great Ape Turles: Power Ball + Turles.Great Air Vegeta: Power Ball + Vegeta (Scouter).Guldo: see it in the story mode.HIRUDEGARN: HildeGarcn upper half + HildeGarcn lower half.Janemba: Saike Demon + Evils of the people.Jeice: see it in the story mode.Kibitoshin: supreme kai + kibito.Majin Buu: Human Gunman’s Gun + Majin Buu.Master Roshi: win Raditz with Goku.Frien Mecha: Reconstructive Surgery + 100% Full Power Frien.Metal Cooler: Big Gete Star + Cooler.Monster Zarbon: Broken Seal + Zarbon.Nappa: see it in the story mode.Perfect Cell: Cell Saga.Raditz: see it in the story mode.Collect: see it in the story mode.Salza: Coolers Soldier + Armored Cavalry.Sauzer: Armored Troopepers + Cooler’s Henchmen.SSJ 2 Goku: beat Majin Vegeta.SSJ 3 Goku: win Fat Buu.SSJ Adult Gohan: History of Trunks.SSJ Goku: overcome Freza with SSJ Goku.SSJ Trunks (with sword): History of Trunks.Super Baby 1: Baby Vegeta + Lower Class Saiyan.Super Baby 2: Super Baby 1 + Power From Lower Class.Super Buu Gohan Absorbed: Absorb Gohan + Super Buu.Super BUU GOTENKS ABSORBED: Absorb Gotenks + Super Buu.Super Garlick Jr. : Giant Form + Garlick Jr.Super Perfect Cell: Suicide Bomb + Perfect Cell.Super Yi-Shin-Long: Syn Shenron + Ultimate Dragonball.Syn Shenron: Evil Dragon + Negative Energy.Turles: Lower-Class Saiyan Soldier + Fruit of the Gods.Turles: The Tree of Might.Vegeta (Android Saga): Metal-Cooler Movie/Android Saga.Yajirobe: Saiyan Saga.Zangya: The Flowers of Evil + Galactic Warrior.

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