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List of characters and how to get them

These are all Broporce characters and how they get:

Rambro (Rambo parody): unlocked at the beginning.Brommando (John Matrix de Commando): 1 rescue.B. TO. CORRACUS (b. TO. Baracus of the team a): 3 bailouts.Brodell Walker (Walker Walker, Texas Ranger): 5 Rescue.Bro Hard (John McClane of the Crystal Jungle): 8 Rescue.Macbrover (Macgyver): 11 rescue.Brade (Blade): 15 Rescue.Bro Dredd (Judge Dredd): 20 Rescue.Bro in Black (Men In Black Agent): 20 Rescue.Snake Broskin (Snake Plissken of Rescue in New York): 31 Rescue.Bominator (Terminator): 37 Rescue.Brobocop (Robocop): 46 bailouts.Indiana Brones (Indiana Jones): 56 Rescue.Ash Broliams (Ash Williams of the Army of Tinieblas): 65 Rescue.Mr. Anderbro (neo de Matrix): 75 bailouts.The Bondock Bros (Connor and Murphy Macmanus of the chosen ones): 87 Rescue.Skewer (machete): 99 bailouts.Bronan The Brobarian (Conan): 115 Rescue.Ellen Ripbro (Ellen Ripley): 132 Rescue.The Brocketeer (The Rocketeer): 145 Rescue.Time Bro (van Damme in Timecop): 160 Rescue.Broniversial Soldier (Universal Soldier): 175 Rescue.Colonel James Broddock (missing in combat): 193 Resca.Cherry Broling (Cherry Darling of Planet Terror): 222 Rescue.Bro Max (Max Rockatansky of Mad Max): 249 Rescue.The Brode (Beatrix Kiddo by Kill Bill): 274 Rescue.Double Bro Seven (James Bond): 300 Rescue.The Brodator (Predator): 326 Rescue.Broheart (William Wallace): 350 Rescue.The Brofessional (León the Professional): 374 Rescue.

THE EXPENDABROS: BRONEY ROSS (Barney Ross): Initial.Lee Broxmas (Lee Christmas): 1 Rescue.Bronnar Jensen (Gunnar Jensen): 4 Rescue.Bro Caesar (Hale Caesar): 7 Rescue.Death Broctor (Doctor Death): 12 Rescue.Toll Broad (Toll Road): 17 Rescue.Trent Broser (Tank Mauser): 25 Rescue.

Easy characters unlock

To unlock characters you need to rescue hostages. An easy (and cheat) way is to start the first level and rescue the first prisoner. Restart the phase and repeat until everyone is unlocked.

Exceeds missions with this video guide.

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