Platinum trophy Win all Bound by Flame trophies


A simple massacre Win 150 enemies

Mercenary Complete 20 secondary missions

Captain Complete Bound By Flame in the mode of difficulty captain


A simple warning Win 75 enemies

Humanist Preserve your humanity

Beast released Transform yourself following the devil’s path

Broken ice Seduce Edwen

Elphic romance Seduce Rhelmar

Scholarly love Seduce Sybil

Chivalry Seduce Randval

Buffalo Complete Bound by Flame in the mode of difficulty buffalo

Sacrifice Use the energy of the world heart to annihilate the dark lords of the ice and save vertiel


An elf filled Fulfill all Rhelmar’s personal missions

Generalicide Overcome a general of the wandering dead

A arrows Shoot 50 Ballesta arrows

SANCHARY HELL Kill 50 enemies

Goodbye, my concubine Overcrowd

Killer sword Kill 50 enemies

Killer ax Kill axes

It is a trap! Place 20 traps that end jumping

Red Hot Set your enemies for fire 50 times

I saw it first Loot 20 chests

A simple warming Overcome 25 enemies

I don’t shoot anything Recycle 30 objects

For beast, me Beat a siege beast

Artisan soul Manufacture 100 objects (potions, traps and ammunition)

Patron Fulfill all Sybil’s personal missions

Alma Herrera Make 5 improvements to your weapons and armor

Hawk Complete Bound by Flame in Hawk difficulty mode

Car carriage Register 50 enemy bodies

At the service of the lady Fulfill all Edwen’s personal missions

Chrysalis Poison your enemies 50 times

Without fear, without reproaches Fulfill all Randval’s personal missions

First steps Improve a skill

Obsession with the hammer Kill 50 enemies

Master of struggle Unlock all fighting skills and improvements

Purifying fire Purify Vertiel with flames

MERODERADORA MASTER Unlock all merodeo skills and their improvements

Undisputed leader Become the most powerful being of Vertiel

Harder will be the fall Beat Blackscarcha

Pyromancy Unlock all pyromantic skills and their improvements

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