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Extra wubs

This code activates the “Wubs Extra” option in the options menu but, as indicated by the description of the option, apparently does nothing.

In the title menu, click the Konami Code: above (2), below (2), left, right, right, circle, x, start, and then go to the options menu.

True Vault Hunter mode

The game ends once to activate mode True Vault Hunder .


The first is free: you completed the mission “My first weapon”. Matadragones: You completed the mission “The best slender in the world”. A little traveled path: You completed the mission “The Camino to Sanctuary”. New in the city: You completed the mission “Plan B”. Embers from the past: You completed the mission “A hunt for the Falcon de Fuego”. Without leaving anyone behind: you completed the mission “imprisoned in the dam”. Wilhelm’s cry: you completed the “travelers to the train” mission. The sky is the limit: you completed the mission “High flights”. I can see my house from here: you completed the mission “Bright lights, flying city”. Goodbye, friend: You completed the mission “Natural Reserve”. The group meets: you completed the mission “Old and future Tajo”. Goliath, this is David: you left a Goliath level four times before killing him. 5 Rounds behind the back: You completed Round 5 of a massacre circle. I’m still standing: you arrived at level 5. I am better than you: you reached level 10. Arctic Explorer: You discovered all the places in Three Horns, Tundra Express and Frostburn Canyon. Urban Explorer: You discovered all the places in Sanctuary, Opportunity and Lynchwood. The Highlands Explorer: You discovered all the places in The Highlands, Thousand Cuts and Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Blight Explorer: You discovered all the places in Eridium Blight, Arid Nexus and Sawtooth Cauldron. Customer with the right to rub: you gave him 10.000 $ props to Moxxi. Well served: you equipped with purple or superior equipment in each slot. A Clean Sablazo: You killed 100 enemies with the saber turret. look at me!: You set 100 enemies. ˇA blood!: You used the fury Gunzerker without stopping for 90 seconds. Nice botin: you killed an enemy. Tribute to the camera search engine: you got an object of Michael Mamaril. All Italian plumber: you killed Donkey Mong. High flight launch: You killed a flying enemy when throwing a tediore weapon. Great Return: Retaas 25 Codes. What does this mean?: I can’t even capture it with my camera. Invisible predator: You remained ten seconds in a row in zero deception mode. MACHACA CONSTRUCTORS: You killed a builder before another robot built. Wow, what easy!: You completed the mission “A shot in a face of others”. What’s up to me?: You unlock 10 customization objects. Friends forever: you relived from the state of “fight to live” someone who is on your friends list. Better than money: you bought 5 articles in the black market. ˇChale!: You crashed those five with the CLAPTRAP. Cazarrecompensas: You complete 20 secondary missions. As if it were the first time: you opened the Fyrestone bus stop chest.


Identity theft: You completed the mission “The man who should be Jack”. The desire of an angel: you completed the mission “where the angels fear to enter”. ˇ Pumps out!: You completed the mission “Efforts and hardships”. Information is your best weapon: you completed the mission “Data prospecting”. Always improving: you arrived at level 25. To the fullest … for now: you reached level 50. Global Traveler: You discovered all places. Trillador shattered: you defeated the invincible to the invincible. They are all!: You completed all secondary missions.


ˇ A great story!: You defeated Jack. ACCEPTED CHALLENGE: You completed level 1 of all non -specific level challenges with a character.


Borderlands defender, second round: you unlock all the borderlands trophies 2.

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