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Unlock Ulrich Evil

On the profile selection screen, keep the L and R buttons and squeeze pressures up, right, and x to unlock Malvated Ulrich (owned by Xana).

Internet codes

Unlock videos and art on the game website:

Code Effect
L8q Dark enemy background.
6G7T Desert outline.
4m9p Wrestling video between Ulrich, Yumi and Scorpion.
5R5K FMV final.
8C3X Forest sketch.
2f6u Ice sketch.
7E5V Mountain sketch.
3q4l Overbike video.
8p3m Overboard video.
8N2N Video Overwing.
3D4W Scorpion fund.
5J9R Sector 5 outline.
9A9Z Ulrich fighting video.
4b2y Yumi fighting video.

Unlock all combos, improvements, money, health and power

In the 3D section of the game, squeeze Start To go to the pause menu and press: 

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a and start.

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