Arcania cheats: Gothic 4 – PS3 – Cheat codes, Guides

Supercompetent Get all other achievements


Conqueror Complete the game at the highest difficulty level


Veteran Reaches level 20

Son of fire and shadow Learn the secrets of the abbots of the monastery of the cliffs

Bad Dog Defeats the “guardian dog” of soap

Seeker Get access to the forgotten temple

Legend Reaches level 30

Master of elements Get an audience with the great water master in Tooshoo

savior Defeat

Adventurous Reaches level 10

Explorer Walk more than 50 km on foot

Merchant Sell 200 objectsChampion Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons

Avenger Come to FeshyrGunsmith Create 5 weapons

Mortal adversary Defeat 500 enemies

Alchemist Create 50 potions, elixires or food

One army Defeat 1000 enemies

Combat Magician Kill 100 enemies with magic

Forged by fate Get the power of divine forge

Shooter Kill 100 enemies with remote weapons


Hunter Ends with an enemy through a accurate shot

KING FORJOR Take stability to Stewark

Roof of bandits Clear the bridge that leads to Stewark

Matarreins Defeat the Queen of Marga’s Sabandijas

Family man Get Ivy to get married with you

Logoplated ace Get access to the lagoplated files

Arcane reaper Kill 300 enemies with magic

Duelist Kill 100 enemies with blows of blows

Sniper Kill 100 enemies with shots in the head

Roof of chickens Kill 10 chickens

Glutton Consume 200 objects

Hands skilled your first object Master Cook Learn all the kitchen recipes

Rookie Reaches level 5Hare Salta 1000 times

Woken up Reaches level 2

Relaxed attitude Use chairs or beds for 60 minutes

First blood Winning salt of your first fight

Ancient treasure Get all old relics

Initiated Aniquilate an enemy with a spell

Radiant blessing Get all incent statuettes

Masters winner Show your temper your secret mentor

Dark reward Get all Beliar’s artifacts

Richer than Diego Matter 200`000 gold coins

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